Ertzaintza is looking for a man in Bilbao as the alleged serial killer of four men

The Basque LGTBI + Observatory cited the alarm that existed in this group ahead of its investigation to look for a suspect involved in the murder of several people Ertzaintza had met through a network in Bilbao between September and October 2021, and asked the authorities Immediate and effective protection measures.

This federation of associations, which grouped this group in Euskadi, in a statement to the Ertzaintza investigation, said, Arresting a person who could kill four people in BilbaoAs published by El Correo, the identity and whereabouts are unknown.

Basque Security Department did not give any information About this case, because the summary is confidential.

The deceased used networkwhere could he catch alleged murdererHaving met the victims at their homes and there, apparently always using the same method, he managed to get card codes and other bank details by giving him some narcotics.

With these data withdraw money from their account According to the same media outlet, he made transfers at ATMs and on his behalf.

trigger for opening an investigation It was the possible murder of a 43-year-old Bilbao resident on October 18, 2021, whose bank accounts were subsequently looted.

The suspect of these crimes was charged by a man residing in Bilbao. managed to survive to his attack.

On the other hand, researchers hypothesis In addition to these four possible victims, the suspect was also associated with previous deaths in similar circumstances that were previously considered natural deaths.

The putative author of the crimes, a backpack with documents and a vessel containing liquid ecstasy at the home of one of his possible victims, in Bilbao’s Old Town, to facilitate identification.

In addition to these alleged murders, Basque LGTBI+ Observatory also a sexual assault A man and a man in Santurtzi homophobic attack Condemning the “LGTBI + social phobia” behind these incidents in the recent incident in Amorebieta.

According to this group, these events are “just a symbol.the tip of an icebergIncreasing data on hate incidents and crimes committed in the past years, especially in 2021, have already revealed.

That’s why they’re asking the authorities. “Taking urgent and effective measures to protect and defend the fundamental rights of the group”, and said that “all necessary human and material resources will be dedicated to the investigation of these facts, especially when there is loss of human life, with due care given to victims and their families.”

On the other hand, EH Bildu requested a meeting to get information from the Bilbao City Council Spokespersons Board. “first-hand” This is about the alleged murders.

EH Bildu reiterated the group’s “concern and discontent” in the face of the “institutional silence” in this case and announced that it would join the case. mobilizations Convened for 17 May against “LGTBIphobia”.

Source: Informacion


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