Avecal trains Ukrainian refugees to join the shoe industry

Training takes place at Elda Arts and Crafts School. The shoe repair course is supported by Labora and has a total teaching load of 160 hours including theoretical and practical knowledge. It is scheduled to end on June 26. The center where this training is given is accredited by Labora as an official training center.

“With this training, we can encourage refugees in the footwear industry to find jobs,” said Marián Cano, president of Avecal. thus facilitating their adaptation and retention in the Valencian community”.

The tutor is from Ukraine, so in addition to delivering the course in Spanish, he is also responsible for passing the knowledge on to other students. two ukrainian Those enrolled in this training in their native language. The teacher of the lesson collects ten years of experience He gives courses with Avecal in the field of specialization training in the shoe industry.

“Shoe is an industrial sector with a great future and constantly requires the participation of new employees. to guarantee its continuity and intergenerational changetherefore, these courses offer a great opportunity for work placement and vocational training for anyone who has studied in these fields”, Cano states.

Source: Informacion


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