The Civil Guard is investigating two people who stole tangerines from a farm in San Miguel de Salinas

The Civil Guard launched an investigation against two people for allegedly stealing tangerines from a farm in the town of San Miguel de Salinas, as part of the “Plan against theft in farms and livestock farms”. When did this action take place? agents were operating a security device and they found the vehicle carrying all the fruits allegedly stolen. The investigation of both suspects was reported to the Torrevieja Guard Court.

On March 30, agents from the main outpost of the Torrevieja Civil Guard surprised and observed two people driving in a car while carrying a vehicle identification device on one of the roads leading to Torrevieja. they carried various boxes and baskets Contains tangerines of dubious origin.

After the necessary checks were made, it was determined that all the tangerines were stolen from a farm in the town of San Miguel de Salinas minutes ago, when the occupants could not prove their legitimate origins.

At the main outpost of the Torrevieja Civil Guard, agents investigated two men aged 48 and 30, one Spanish and the other Cuban, for alleged theft. More than 175 kilos of tangerines, worth over 500 Euros in the current market.

After revealing the facts and speaking to the agents, the owner of the ranch was told that the agents who acted selflessly. deliver all salvaged goods to a charity in Torrevieja. Those under investigation were presented to the Torrevieja Guard Training Court, with the proceedings instructed.

The Civil Guard, under the “Plan against theft on farms and livestock farms,” ​​reminds us how important it is to report such incidents.

Source: Informacion


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