The shooting of Holy Week reduced unemployment in the state by 2,866

The withdrawal of tourism during Holy Week has brought with it a new decrease in unemployment in the province of Alicante. Especially during the month of April, 2866 people left the unemployment listthe total number of unemployed remained at 146,665. As might be expected, the services sector recorded the best performance with 2,696 unemployed, with the total number of unemployed in this segment at 98,562.

Much further away, the 226 registered unemployed in agriculture fell to 5,795, followed by construction, with 68 fewer unemployed for a total of 12,803. Industry also saw a slight decline in this situation with 44 people, leaving the overall figure at 19,081. The only section where the unemployment increase was recorded, group of people who have not had a job before170 more, which leaves the total number at 10,424.

One of the most striking factors from the data provided by the Department of Labor is the evolution of perpetual contracts. growing exponentially Since the implementation of labor reform. Out of 47,256 new contracts that became official in April, 27,349 fixedCompared to 19,907 storms.

Source: Informacion


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