Spain has more than 20 million employed and one in two new contracts is indefinite

registration Task and registration stability the same. April cracked a few statistics explaining the effects of the full enactment of new contract formulas. labor reform. 1 of 2 new contracts signed uncertain, so far the usual thing was that 1 out of 10 fixed. And this, in a context, although inflation and ukraine warSpain continues to gain jobs, blessed week and even exceeds the height for the first time 20 million active workers. Never before have so many people worked in Spain at the same time. This unemploymentmeanwhile, it ended a good month for the labor market with the biggest drop in three years, leveling the unemployment rate. three million people.

On April 1, new hiring conditions agreed between the Government, employers and unions in the labor reform came into effect. The main innovation employment and service contract It increased fines for companies that misused the temporary contract – which moved 40% of contractors in Spain – and promoted other figures. discontinuous constant. Compared to last April, usage increased by 1,722%. The result, statistically, was a superior boom in permanent contracts, reaching even the youngest ones. 44% of contracts signed by persons under the age of 25 are also of uncertain nature.

The statistic “1 in every 2 contracts signed was uncertain” has a certain statistical “trick” because numbers such as discontinuous constants qualify as statistically indeterminate, but have high traces. temporariness. This contract is for those who are permanently attached to a company but only work for a few weeks or months a year, when called before peaks of activity or seasonal missions. And of the nearly 700,000 permanent contracts signed this April, 284,732 were full-time and 413,914 part-time.

However, this does not mean that 1.7 million permanent contracts have been registered since the approval of the labor reform in the BOE in January, one million more than in the same period of the previous year. “Everything is changing in our country today“, valued the second vice president, Yolanda Diazat an event hosted by Europa Press this Wednesday.

Easter effect attracts employment

The labor market increased by 184,577 employees this April compared to March, supported by Holy Week hiring. This increase in discontinuous fixed rates is not accidental, as this figure is specifically designed for: tourist activities. And that’s exactly what hostel Contributing to the positive balance with 110,000 newly employed SGK affiliates, it became the sector that attracted the most employment. Transportation (+11.510) and Trade (+9.115) also contributed, albeit to a lesser extent, until it consolidated this level of 20.01 million active workers.

community self employed Compared to March, it continued its upward trend, adding 9,100 self-employed people and reaching a total of 3.3 million RETA members.

If data released last week by the Active Population Survey (EPA) reflect more hours worked in the Spanish economy as a whole than was worked before the pandemic, the Social Security link data released this Wednesday confirms it. Number of workers affected by a situation bye stabilized in 17,000 peopleSignificantly lower than the 100,000 affected in the last month of the coronavirus, and far from its peak of 3.4 million in the first months of the pandemic.

Unemployment continues in 3 million people

Unemployment fell by 86,260 people this April compared to March, making a total of three million unemployed. While the start of the war in Ukraine did raise some alarm as it coincided with a certain slowdown in the decline in unemployment, this dispels these doubts by recording its biggest drop since April 2019. Spain continues to have one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. all European Unionalthough it has managed to reduce this level of unemployment by almost a million people in the last year.

Not equal among reductions in unemployment of men Y woman over the past year, and the former is coming out of unemployment faster than the latter. On an annual basis, male unemployment fell 25.1% compared to 21% for women.

Source: Informacion


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