Injured trying to save his pets in a fire at his home in Albufereta

56-year-old woman injured burns in house fire yesterday Tuesday was in AlicanteAs reported by sources from the Emergency Information and Coordination Center (intensive care) and the Police Department. The owner of the house injured while trying to save a dog and three cats It was stated that at the beginning of the incident, he was transferred to the security forces. The animals were inside and died in the fire., according to the Department of Security. The house was burned and closed by SPEIS.

This fire It declared itself shortly before half past nine in a house on the third floor of a four-story building located on Calle Vial de la Flora de España. Albufereta from Alicante.

The property in Alicante where the fire occurred. INFORMATION

four donations firefighters Fire Prevention, Extinguishing and Rescue Service (SPEIS) and three patrols local police, Along with the Basic Life Support (SVB) ambulance, paramedics intervened in a woman who inhaled the smoke and had burns on her hands and legs while the fire was being extinguished. According to the CICU statement, the 56-year-old woman was taken to Sant Joan d’Alacant Hospital by ambulance.

Firefighters reported For an unknown reason, a fire broke out in the living room of the house and spread very quickly throughout the property. is affected. The fire was quite advanced when firefighters arrived. Flames came from outside and they began extinction from within with two waterlines. Access to the stairs of the houses was covered with smoke and the fire also affected the façade of the upper floor.

A total of fourteen firefighters were tasked with responding to the rapidly spreading flames throughout the building, and the flames were contained from the front before they spread to other houses on the upper floors.

Considering the severity of the fire The house was greatly affected by the flames. After the fire was extinguished, ventilation and sanitation works were carried out in the building. The extinguishing work took about three hours.

Source: Informacion


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