Brussels proposes full embargo on Russian oil

The offer is now final and official. European Commission to 27 Member States sixth round of sanctions Russia including oil import ban to the European Union, disconnection of the banking institution Sberbank – the largest Russian financial institution controlled by the government – with the inclusion of new banks, expanding the list of people whose assets in the EU will be frozen and who will not be able to enter the territory of the community, as well as the Swift payment communication system. high-ranking military officials of the regime and others.

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen will present the contents of the sixth package to be approved by the unanimous vote of twenty-seven members, before the plenary session of the European Parliament this Wednesday. As expected, the proposal includes measures to end dependence on Russian oil, which exports 27% of what it consumes to the EU. “Let’s be clear, it won’t be easy. Some Member States are heavily dependent on Russian oil. But we just have to. That’s why we propose a ban on Russian oil today. a complete ban on the import of all Russian oilraw and refined by sea and pipeline,” he said.

An embargo will be imposed on oil imports, as is the case with Russian coal, which will be banned from August regularly and gradually “securing alternative supply routes and minimizing impact on global markets.” According to von der Leyen, the proposal is a six-month phase-out for supply raw and until the end of the year for refined products. “In this way, we maximize the pressure on Russia while minimizing collateral damage for us and our partners around the world because we must ensure that our economy remains strong to help Ukraine,” said von der Leyen.

War crimes in Bucha

As the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, moves forward on Tuesday, the new round also increases the number of people the EU has sanctioned to punish “high-ranking officers and others who committed and are responsible for war crimes in Bucha”. The inhuman siege of the city of Mariúpol”, the German said of a decision that sent a signal to all those responsible for the war in the Kremlin: “We know who they are and they will be held to account”.

The new package also attacks the banking sector in an attempt to financially isolate Russia by increasing the number of banks disconnected from the Swift payment communication system. “We eliminated Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank by far, which owns 37% of the entire banking sector, and two other large banks. In this way, we hit the banks that are systematically critical to the Russian financial system and Putin’s ability to destroy it. This will consolidate the complete isolation of the Russian financial sector from the global system”, understands Brussels.

There will also be a ban proposal on the 27’s table three big russian tv It’s a state-owned problem in the EU. “Whatever form they take, they will not be allowed to distribute their content in the EU via cable, satellite, Internet or smartphone apps,” Von der Leyen said of some television channels. It aggressively reinforces Vladimir Putin’s lies and propaganda. “We shouldn’t continue to give them a stage to spread these lies,” he said. The package also demands that accountants, consultants and advisors in Europe be banned from providing such services to Russian companies.

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