What are the advantages of reading a VET loop? Find out at FEMPA Open Day

Being the professional a company needs is quite a challenge and one of the options for achieving this is through FP cycles. so you first hand information About the cycles you can work with, the FEMPA FP School organizes an Open Day on days. May 11 and 12 in face-to-face and virtual mode, In addition to a goal, it is aimed at all people who are interested in achieving it. official degree, knowledge and skills most valued in the labor market increase your chances of getting a job.

During these sessions different activities led by current students The School, where the participants will both have fun and see how the schools are built. Projects in the classroom and they will experience the event in first person of FEMPA.

What is double FP? What are the professional training cycles with the greatest job opportunities? What professional profiles do companies need? These and other doubts will be resolved during the FP FEMPA School Open Day. They will also make a statement different career opportunities Which one can you choose, how working in a vocational training cycle can help young people and professionals develop themselves employability and what are the advantages of training in a formal vocational training cycle? business environment.

If you need reason to attend these conferences, we will tell you that the FEMPA School of Vocational Training completes the official content of vocational training cycles with the following. senior classes It is designed from a 100% business perspective. In this way, professionals of the new digital age, highly practical methodology.

Sign up for the modality that interests you most

FEMPA FP School organized an Open Day to align with each student’s interests. face to face and another virtual.

Choose how you want to participate:

Face-to-Face Doors Day: Wednesday, May 11 anchor 1

Online Open Doors Day. Thursday, May 12 anchor 2

ANCHOR 1: Face-to-face Open Doors Day

Next Wednesday, May 11 at 17:30. You can take a guided tour of the School’s facilities to learn about the different classes and workshops where the Center’s students study.

If you want to see for yourself what the classes will be like dynamic and fun Sign up for the face-to-face modality at this link.

Conferences will be held face-to-face and in virtual mode.

Students specializing in sales and digital marketing at the center, Know your skills as a professional the new digital age

Explore how the FEMPA FP School’s hands on electromechanical and cutting-edge automotive middle-class students get their hands-on training and show your skills as the professional of the future in the motor world.

FEMPA Management and Finance students, ability to work in a teamwith a game you can share creativity and leadership skills.

Students of the upper loop of the school’s Multiplatform they will introduce you to video games The ones they created during their training for you to test them out.

ANCHOR 2: Online Open Doors Day

If you want to attend the FP Fempa School’s Virtual Open Day 12 May you just have to decide the time you prefer connect and register for the selected day:

12 May 12:00 → Sign up here

12 May 18:00 → Sign up here

FEMPA teaches official FP programs and is one of the leading schools in placing its students in the workforce.

FEMPA, as one of the official VT programs, leading schools for job placement of his students. During the virtual open day you will learn and discover the value of reading a VET cycle. The best way to become the profile companies demand. Likewise, you will be able to learn about the business network that exists around the FEMPA FP School and how you can do it. benefit you during your education

One of the aspects that most interests students is their employability, so you key to increasing your employment chances They combine studies and studies through Dual Vocational Training and introduce you to fellowship programs for new students.

Polígono Industrial Agua Amarga C/ Benijofar, 4-6, 03008 Alicante

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