Carla Barber is already a mom. The model announced her birthday via her social networks this Tuesday. her first child, a boy named Bastian. Both he and the little one are in excellent condition.

With a sweet image of her baby in the hospital bed and a few simple words -“Our prince has been with us since yesterday. Welcome Bastian” wrote that Canarian-Carla shared on her Instagram that her little one was born, with more than 900,000 followers.

Additionally, a few months after Diego Matamoros’ ex-girlfriend jealously kept the name she chose for her first child, she revealed her best-kept secret: ‘Little B’ – as she affectionately calls baby – Bastian (proud, a name very popular in France). father’s place of origin) and Greek origin, “respected and admired person“.

Carla confessed how she felt at the most special moment of her life, thanking the doctors who participated in the birth, with the stories she posed with her little one and family members such as her mother and older sister. after holding your baby for the first time:The greatest, pure and unconditional love“; “The most beautiful thing, the sine qua non of life”; “We are starting a new life together,” he wrote.

While Bastian has yet to give further details on what the birth was like, the Vanitatis portal points out that Carla gave birth at San Francisco de Asís Hospital on May 3, with a planned delivery for a vacation in Madrid. the birth took only two hours. The surgeon was always accompanied by his discreet partner, a businessman of French origin named Joseph, whom she preferred not to post any images on social networks, respecting her boyfriend’s wish to remain anonymous.