Consell made its biggest investment in the modernization of industrial estates in the last year of the legislature.

Through Ivace, the Ministry of Economy provided assistance worth 37.4 million euros for the modernization of industrial estates in the Community of Valencia. It is the largest investment to date in this field, which coincides with the last full year of the legislature. The state of Alicante will receive 11.46m euros privately, which will allow it to take action. 65 industrial zones belonging to 38 municipalities. Although Minister Rafa Climent stated that the aid is not regional, but corresponds to the demands of the city councils, this is about two million euros less than the corresponding population.

Climent presented this data at the Consell Delegation in Alicante, which was attended by Júlia Company, managing director of Ivace. According to Climent, the aid is the result of “the close commitment to the Community’s business areas, placing them at the center of industrial policy and allocating the resources they deserve to improve their quality, which has a positive impact on”. companies established in them and in the implementation of new economic activities.

37.4m euros will benefit and subsidize investment projects in a total of 237 industrial sites in 144 municipalities and 30 counties of the Valencian Community. improvement, modernization and provision of infrastructure and services. It should be noted that this scheme is a budget line of two million euros for the improvement of polygons in municipalities at risk of depopulation, and a budget line of 35.42 million euros for other towns. For the first, the aid covers 100% of the investment, while for the second it reaches 98.6%.

Climent highlights that the aid recorded in bracket 2020 is the largest investment since launch in 2017, as funds are directed to meet the needs of the self-employed and companies derived from the covid crisis. “We are growing at a rate of about 5 million every year,” he says.

The 11.46 million euro allocated to the province reaches all counties. In the special case of the city of Alicante, improvement of industrial estates The Watchtowers, Pla de la Vallonga, Llano del Espartal and Aguamarga.

The figure is below Climent, except for the first three years when investments are diverted to certain areas due to their greater industrial weight and property degradation, how well they would correspond to that area according to the population criteria. be met within the framework of the rules set by the

In this sense, Climent detailed that 39.9 million euros were allocated for the improvement of 123 industrial zones in 61 municipalities in the province of Alicante in the period 2017-2022.

Source: Informacion


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