Manuel Valls to run in legislative elections for Macron’s party

Former Socialist Prime Minister of France, Manuel Valls, will present himself to the French legislature. June, with the President’s party Emmanuel MacronFor the constituency of French people living in Monaco, Andorra, Portugal and Spain, local media reported on Tuesday.

Valleys, 59 years old, Thus, he will return to French politics, which he left to lead the central candidacy for the mayoralty of Barcelona in 2019.hometown that could not seize power.

The politician, who left the Socialist Party, of which he has been a member since the age of 17, after the 2017 presidential elections, in which he supported Macron, served as deputy from the Essone constituency on the outskirts of Paris until 2018. He started the municipal politics of Barcelona.

In 2017, he presented himself as assimilated to the president’s party and achieved a solid victory. by just 139 votes against a left-wing opponent.

He has returned to France, where he has been a political commentator in recent years, and can be seen at Macron’s re-election celebration party on April 24, although sources from the president’s party said he was not invited.

Valls, who spent most of his political career in the municipality of Évry, He made the leap into national politics in 2011, when he ran in the left’s primary elections to run for president the following year.

Despite finishing fifth, he supported François Hollande, who rewarded him with the position of Minister of the Interior after his victory, remaining in that position until 2014, when he was appointed Prime Minister after a poor Socialist election result.

From this tenure, he began to show interest in running for President. He left the Government to present himself again for the primaries.but was defeated by Benoît Hamon.

Contrary to the pre-election rules, he did not support the winner and showed his support for Macron.

Valls will now seek to return to the National Assembly, which he first entered as a socialist in 2002, but left to join the Executive.

He had left the door open for a return to French politics in recent months and has not even refused to accept the position of prime minister again, as he admitted in an interview with Horizons magazine.

“I like to direct,” he assured. To this post, which is close to former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe and shows his “love of public service and country”.

Macron’s party plans to confirm the names of the candidates for the National Assembly during this week.

Source: Informacion


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