This laminate flooring It is one of the most popular decorative elements. New builds often include this type of flooring as they mimic wood, are beautiful and easy to install and clean. They are also very resistant to wear and tear, so they stand out for their properties. durability.


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Can be installed anywhere in the house, including most kitchen and bathroomsas they withstand moisture well and cater to the needs of those who want a uniform floor for the whole house.

If you want to keep your laminate flooring flawless for longer, mop let it stay at the entrance of your house, in the dirt coming from the street and not drag it. Another good option for this is a shoemaker in the entrance hall to make sure family members put on their slippers when they arrive. A third alternative is a rug in these busiest transitional areas, such as the hall, hallway or living room.

Protecting chair and table legs with some kind of felt will help prevent scratches and preserve the appearance of the floor. The same is true for office-style chairs, you can choose models that do not scratch the floor or lay a carpet in that area.

how to clean laminate flooring

We’ll give you two very simple tricks to keep your laminate flooring flawless.

First of all, to make your floor always look good, daily cleaning is important. Sweeping with a special nozzle for hard floors followed by a dry mop will keep it feeling clean every time.

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You can choose once a week or when it is very dirty brush. Of course, be sure to use a product suitable for laminate flooring and a suitable mop and a very well wrung mop. As we said, these floors hold up to moisture well, but it is recommended not to get too wet.

The best way to remove stains from laminate flooring is to remove them immediately to prevent staining the material.