Arrested for “simpa” exceeding 400 euros on a children’s birthday in Alicante

It’s a kid’s joke, but no. This National Police stoped Alicante A 27-year-old is accused of scamming his youngest son for more than 400 euros “simpa”, which they made at a ballpark to celebrate his birthday with more than thirty guests, the Provincial Police Station reported. The last, including the mother, fled the establishment through the back door at the end of the incident and did not pay the bill.

“Simpa” occurred last Saturday and was condemned in court. Alicante Northern Regional Police Station by the person in charge of the playground for adventure activities. More than 30 people, including children and adults, attended and left some debt, according to the complainant. more than 400 euros.

A couple, who had previously agreed with someone else and paid the bill without any problems, signed with the institution by celebrating the birthday of one of their young children. 23 children’s menus and making multiple drinks as well as animation for the event.

Archival image of Alicante Northern Regional Police Station.

Police said guests “only mother with her children, leaving the room through the back door without paying the bill”.

agents Investigation Group The Northern District Police Station had only a name and phone number, and after pertinent investigations and reviewing records of buildings, they were able to pinpoint the author.

The person allegedly responsible for the boy “Simpa” was summoned to the Northern District Police Station and arrested for fraud. Young man there was no police record He was released on charges after he went to the Police Station, where he accepted the right not to testify about the incident until today. Now it will be the court that will take the case that will summon him to question him in court.

Source: Informacion


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