What are Chanel’s chances of winning Eurovision with ‘SloMo’?

This Benidorm Festival managed to convince eurofans to rejoin Eurovision and more eagerly continue to the most anticipated music party of the year. This channel performance What Spanish representative The event created great expectations both at the national and international level. Its song in reggaeton and Latin pop rhythm makes it one of the Festival favourites. ‘SloMo’ It occupies the first place in the ranking of bookmakers with songs from all representative countries.

According to data collected by Eurovision World, Ukraine He takes first place with a 42% chance to win, followed by Italy with 15%, Sweden with 11%, United Kingdom with 7% and Spain with 4%. Chanel is in fifth place to win the Crystal Microphone, although positions change until the gala day arrives.

channel had to go through a thorny road to consolidate her candidacy, her single ‘SloMo’ caused controversy again because of the lyrics of the song. For this reason, at every opportunity presented to him, the artist affirms the theme “There is no good art and bad art, there is no” in a television program.

This eurovision singers Before the long-awaited date, they attend various events to present their songs and announce to the world that they stand out from so many talents. One of these events Eurovision house party where artists perform their songs in different venues. Chanel decided to sing an acoustic version of her song in a studio to put more emphasis on the theme, not the costumes, which is one of her strongest traits.

This is how the artist wants to show it to the public. another version completely different from the original song in order to conquer the undecided. Chanel’s candidacy focused on Spanish representation, which had been forgotten for several years. Despite Ukraine to be among the favorites due to the war situation in the country, location of spain In the first positions, it distills a touch of hope that what the public longs for will finally come true.

‘Top 10’ bets at Eurovision 2022

This 10 countries positioning themselves crowd favorites As of May 3, these are:

  1. Ukraine with ‘Stefania’
  2. Italy with ‘Brividi’
  3. Sweden with ‘Hold Me Closer’
  4. England with ‘Spaceman’
  5. Spain with ‘SloMo’
  6. Greece with ‘Die Together’
  7. Poland with ‘River’
  8. Norway with ‘Give That Wolf a Banana’
  9. Netherlands with ‘De Diepte’
  10. France with ‘Fulenn’

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