Amancio Ortega receives over 15,000 million dividends from Inditex since 1998

This shareholders Inditex there are three dates marked in red on the calendar. The first is in March, when the multinational announced the results of the previous year. The second is in May, when it pays half the dividend, and the third is in November, when it pays the other half. The first date ended on a note: It entered 27,716 million in 2022, a third increase from the previous year, and earned 3,243 million, three times what it achieved in 2020. That day, the company also announced that it would allocate 60% of it. Earnings on dividend payment: EUR 0.93 per share. In total, shareholders almost 3,000 million (2,898) will be distributed. This dividend is distributed in two equal payments: 0.465 euros on 2 May and 0.465 euros on 2 November. So this Monday was the second day marked in red on the Inditex owners calendar as half of the 2,898 million were distributed. The other half will be received in November.

And as the founder of the group, Amancio Ortegaowns 59% of its capital, has invested 59%: 859 million this Monday and the other 859 in November. With a total of 1,718, this is the businessman’s highest number of dividends distributed by Inditex since 1998. It has received 15,232 million since that year and counting 1,718 for this year, according to the accounting reports the company sent. National Securities Market Commission.

Ortega acquires 59% of its shares in the textile firm through Pontegadea Inversiones, its main investment arm, and Parths occupied by Marta Ortega, the daughter of the current non-executive chairman of Inditex. vice president.

The businessman’s first dividend from Inditex was 1.7 million euros in 1998. Since then, more than 15,000. The first 100 million passed in 2003 when it crossed 128; In 2010, the first to exceed 500, with 511; and broke the 1,000 barrier for the first time in 2016 when it pocketed 1,108.

The multinational company’s board of directors has agreed to set an extraordinary dividend of 0.40 euros per share for the fiscal year 2022, which will be added to the ordinary dividend to be distributed throughout 2023, which will exceed 2,000 million next year. Amancio Ortega will only receive outstanding dividends 850 million more than 2022.

The last five years have been particularly profitable for the company’s founder in terms of the dividends he has received. 1,848 million shares owned Via Inditex’s Pontegadea Inversiones and Partler Participaciones. In the past five years, he has received 7.409 million, almost half of the 14,561 he has earned since 1998.

Most of the money he earns from dividends is invested in real estate. And just last year, the value of his real estate portfolio reached 14,075 million. 15,232 received for his actions since 1998.

It bought an office building in Glasgow (Scotland) for 237 million last week, with less than a third of the 859 million entering yesterday. Last summer, St. Purchased another property located in St. James’s Square for 220 million.

The company’s second largest shareholder with 5% is her daughter Sandra Ortega, who will enter this year, for the first payment of 146 million, 73 of which was paid yesterday.

Since it began paying dividends in 1998, the Galician giant 25,800 million euros among its shareholdersfirst she bought 59% of Amancio Ortega, Rosalía Mera and then 5% of Sandra Ortega.

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