First green hydrogen plant in Galicia will consume as much electricity as all trade

The former coal mine, which has fed the As Pontes thermal power plant, the jewel in the crown of the Galician electrical system for nearly half a century, will be the cradle in the community of the first large green hydrogen power plant, which is a “significant energy vector”. decarbonisation of the energy and transport sector, as it does not produce greenhouse gas emissions during the production process or when consumed as fuel”, as highlighted by rebuke, promoter. The opposite of the previous plant, it was the main source of carbon dioxide throughout the country at the time it was in operation. HE H2Pole project plans to build the factory in two phases 100 megawatts (MW) Its estimated annual production is 16,000 tons. It will be a large electricity consumer. For the electrolysis process that will separate the hydrogen in the water molecules from the lake in the town of A Coruña –maximum 438,000 cubic meters0.07% of available resources in the region – and estimated to work around 8,000 hours per year, “approximately 880 gigawatt hours (GWh) during the normal operation of the plant” is almost the same as the current consumption of the commercial sector in the community.

Project location map. H2POLE

Electricity demand is one of the main data collected in public documents since yesterday with the integrated environmental permit request, environmental impact study and public service statement. Xunta is prioritizing it after declaring a Strategic Industrial Project last September. There 30 working days for the presentation of claims or observations.

Agreement with EDP

Reganosa remembers that the green hydrogen power plant of the future will meet the electricity needs of the project with wind power plants. Therefore, the signed contract Spanish subsidiary of EDP Renovaables. According to the announcement published yesterday in the Official Gazette of Galicia (DOG), the total budget for the material application is projected to be 156.2 million euros, although the project report investment has increased to almost 209 million euros: 76.9 million euros for the first phase and 131.8 million euros for the next phase. H2Pole is one of the initiatives chosen by the Government so far. Renewable Energies, Renewable Hydrogen and Part of StorageWith Green Umia methanol plant lasted iberdrola And foresa Caldas de Reis and manufacturing plant Jules Verne designed Port of Vigo among a dozen Galician SMEs and other organizations CTAG, Anfaco and Aclunaga. Reganosa and the EDP plant will receive 24 million injections from European funds.

It is quite possible that there is a third intermediate stage. “Given the availability of funding programs for the development of this new technology and the lack of modularization capacity of the electrolyzers”, the first 50 MW could be “progressively” developed, to reach 20 MW capacity initially. “H2Pole’s ultimate goal is to develop hydrogen use in the region for different end users (industrial, mobility, individuals, etc.) and contribute to both the decarbonisation of the energy sector and potential social activities. and economic development. especially in an area affected by industrial displacement”, the company states.

Uses and calendar

Specifically, it will go to the production lines gas distribution –A hydro channel will be constructed from the facilities to the nodal point of the Reganosa network–; with high pressure storage for distribution in tankers; already vehicle refueling “as future use”.

The calendar determines the start of recruitment from next May. Construction of the first phase will run from September this year to December 2025, and the second from March 2027 to June 2029.

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