Kuwaiti businessman accused of raping his child’s caretaker three times, retrial in Alicante

A hell That’s what he said before a courtroom Tuesday. Court of Alicante A young Moroccan, student Right Arrived in the state to work as a laborer in July 2019 Babysitting the two sons of a Kuwaiti businessman settle in Calp and tried to rape her three times within two months of being home.

Halfway through her appearance, this girl had to recount events that came to her mind at least for the third time. causes vomiting.

He did this the first time he did it. September 12, 2019, the accused managed to escape from his home he was able to reveal the truth, bypassing the fence separating the chalet from the neighbor and without serious difficulties.

Had to do it all over again. case two years ago, where was the accused 36 years in prison from prison for three offenses of rape and one minor injury, and that supreme denied to reject defense evidence for no apparent reason. And he did the same thing again at the rehearsal this Tuesday. rotundity in previous views and Without skipping the details, no matter how rude they are.

And of course, young man broke. So much so that it was necessary to take a break from his statement for a few minutes. separated by a screen, but a few meters away from the accused, who was accused of forcing him three times, threatening to kill him if he said anything. In addition Taking advantage of the fact that she has no paperwork so as not to pay her to take care of her 7 and 5 year old children, according to the young woman, although this is not judged from the facts.

Moreover Both the Ministry of Public Affairs and the private prosecutor’s office are demanding a 40-year prison sentence for him, executed by lawyer Francisco Javier Salvá.

In the first oral hearing canceled by the Supreme Court, Sentenced to 36 years in prison From the prison where he remained since his arrest on September 12, 2019, until the process was canceled on the summer of 22, nearly three years later.


In front young woman’s expression, very “strong” and without “the cracks that cast doubt on its credibility” as in the first hearing, The accused got into conflict the prosecutor deftly placed it on the court table.

An example. while in At the first hearing, the defendant denied having a sexual relationship. some with their child’s caregiver, In this Tuesday’s session, that phrase was changed.He acknowledged the existence of sexual contacts and attributed them to the fact that: It was the girl who called them because she was in love with him. jeopardizes his relationship with his girlfriend.

He threw the defense to support his new version, former prosecutor Ignacio GordilloOne report paid by the defendant with transcripts of WhatsApp messages allegedly written by the girl and telling her how much she loved her. Here are some messages that the young woman said for sure that she had never written before, and that she came to ask in amazement before: “But where did they get them?

Transcripts of those alleged to be WhatsApp, which were part of the evidence rejected by the first court (one of the reasons for the annulment), not carried out under the control of a forensic lawyerAs the presiding judge has to point out, Judge Jose Antonio Durá.

At one point in his deposition, when asked by the prosecutor why he had not mentioned the existence of these so-called consensual sexual relations until now, he replied. «This is the absence of any evidence presented. You were supposed to bring them.”

A question that the representative of the Public Ministry had to ask through the presidency of the court and because of the contradiction identified by the accused. he only agreed to answer his lawyer.


The girl said that the accused forced her three times and called her. “bitch” and “bitch”, smiling when you say you’re going Police “because he assured me that he could Buy» After revealing (to the police) and the facts on which they accuse him offers to withdraw the complaint, including 10,000 euros, which the young woman refused.

“There are threats as well as offers,” he said. According to the accused’s girlfriend, “if he had, he would not have complained because he playing with fire”.

the young woman he was with, psychological treatmentHe also had to answer the not-so-innocent question of former prosecutor Gordillo, who said it was difficult for him to go out and had not yet dared to say anything to his family. “What compensation? What I want is to get my life back,” he answered frankly.

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