Large areas of Spain are experiencing their most intense drought since at least 1970

Real drought The weather is the longest lasting and most intense in large areas of Spain since at least 1970.According to weather portal, which confirmed that the rains recorded in December 2022 did not alleviate the long-term drought situation.

Despite the rainfall collected in the last quarter of the year, the drought on the Atlantic slope did not decrease and neither did it decrease in Catalonia.

The aforementioned portal shows: The regions with the most severe droughts are in the southwest, around Catalonia and the Pyrenees, and particularly in provinces such as Córdoba and Badajoz.. On the contrary, in the provinces of Almería, Murcia, Valencia or Castellón they receive much precipitation without drought. has analyzed the 48-month drought index in various parts of the country since 1970 in historical series, and historical series of various parts of the country since 1970 have been obtained in order to see the reality of this drought.

From this analysis, it can be concluded, for example, that the current drought period in Córdoba began between 2014 and 2015 and has not stopped since. It even got seriously worse in 2022 and the December rains didn’t save it. This is the longest and most intense drought in Córdoba since 1970, according to 48-month SPEI data.

Waterless landscape in Contreras, Valencia FERNANDO BUSTAMANTE

The same pattern can be repeated in places like La Serena (Badajoz) or around the Pyrenees in Lérida. In other places, such as downtown on the Atlantic side, the situation is a little different but interesting. Overall, the Atlantic data respond to the observed decrease in precipitation over the past decades.

There has been a drought in the center of the peninsula for nearly 20 years.

attribution central region, analysis of the meteorological portal shows that since 2005 there has been an almost continuous period of drought.. Although 2010 and 2020-2021 brought the index back to positive, this was only temporary. The fact is that without these two periods, the drought would have continued since 2005 and would also have been the most intense and longest-lasting drought ever recorded.

on his behalf Aside from the absence of meteorological drought and the favorable situation in some regions such as Murcia, They have a positive drought index since 2018. In fact, since there are records in the region, they present the most intense surplus situation.

This region was preceded by another period of prolonged surplus in the first decade of the 21st century. The same situation is observed in the nearby provinces. Almería or Alicante, that is, there is no drought in these least from a meteorological or climatic point of view.

reservoir in Avila green peace

Looking ahead, predicts: the following days or even weeks are not conducive to rain. It is likely that the weather will remain stable and warm for the next few days and may even continue during Easter.

For this reason, if there is no abundant rainfall from the Atlantic in a short time and the temperatures continue above normal, The drought in Spain will only get worse.

Prospects for large areas of the country are very negative, as reservoirs in many places are too bad to withstand the summer if it ends with the dryness of spring.


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