Analyst chose the most promising professions in Russia in the next five years 04:50

In Russia, in the next five years, professions related to neural networks, Big Data technologies, virtual and augmented reality VR / AR, visual scripting, e-sports and machine learning will be in particular demand, with an average salary of more than 100 thousand rubles. This view was expressed by Mikhail Pimenov, director of the game industry development at Synergy University.

According to the analyst, there is a rapidly increasing demand in the Russian market for neural network operators such as GPTChat, Dall-E 2 or Midjourney that can process information in real time and are widely used in design, training, rendering. as well as writing and translating text.

He states that the same is the case with Big Data experts. Professionals in this field are now needed in marketing, finance, medicine and other fields.

In healthcare or banking, machine learning experts will be in demand, and scripting experts will be involved in the creation of games. For example, algorithms developed by machine learning experts can detect diseases at an early stage and help doctors diagnose, so professionals with such competencies can easily find jobs in the biomedicine, banking or automotive industries, Pimenov said.

He also added that the state is currently actively promoting the development of VR / AR technologies, as well as e-sports and digital sports, which combine classical and computer sports, therefore, a sharp increase in demand for specialists in these fields is expected.

Previously reported in Russia rose demand for engineers.

Source: Gazeta


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