It seems that there is always something to do at home: cleanorder, pass vacuum cleanercooking, and yet the quests seem to go on forever. In short, not to mention all of our commitments at work or with family: A busy life like today is truly incredible. That’s why it’s always important to know a few little tricks that can help make your life easier. Today, in fact, you will discover a to deceive truly extraordinary. You can easily have it at home with a few moves. secret weapon you can trigger at any time and all you need is a few simple and banal bay leavesused to season roast beef and many other recipes.

Sometimes all it takes is a small gesture to solve some minor problems that occur in most homes. Today, in fact, he goes just use bay leaves for amazing benefits in your homeOne move and it will change everything.

One of the problems that many of us may experience at home is bad smells. Especially in autumn and winter, when we cannot keep the windows open for a long time, bad odors are released into the house. However, problems can also occur with cabinets, drawers and furniture such as shoe cabinets or other objects that we usually do not open due to dust and dirt.

Fortunately, we found one simple, cheap and very fast solution. You almost certainly have a vacuum cleaner at home. you will have noticed that When you vacuum, the air in your home doesn’t always smell clean, quite the opposite.. If you don’t clean your vacuum cleaner’s filters and components well, you will emit a terrible odor into the air as well as dust microparticles every time you use it, and re-contaminate entire rooms.

Therefore, before applying laurel numberMake sure that all parts of your vacuum cleaner are completely clean and dry. Check your model’s owner’s manual or look on the Internet for proper cleaning. In general, the steps for cleaning a vacuum cleaner are always the same.

So, after clearing everything, just use this very simple trick to make your house smell great. take a few Crush the bay leaves and put them in a vacuum bag or trash can.. Then turn it on and use the vacuum as normal. Once lit, you will smell a pleasant laurel in the air, so intoxicating that you will want to use this trick every day. But you should know that the bay leaf not only smells good, but also Eliminates bad odors used in some very clever ways, you just have to try it.