Belarusian opposition plans to block rail freight traffic to secure the release of political prisoners in their country

literally almost one thousand and a half people are incarcerated Belarus for political reasonsConsidering the detainees convicted of ordinary crimes but actually the result of these crimes, the real figure is very likely to be around 5,500. brutal repression of the opposition It was triggered by the Aleksandr Lukashenko regime after holding a presidential election in the summer of 2020, which was described as “cheating” by critical voices. During this time, all attempts to free him have failed, so the Belarusian opposition, led by Valeri Tsepkalo, one of the candidates who was later vetoed by the Belarusian electoral authorities, is pressing in his favor. deeper pressure measurementsespecially blockade of rail freight trafficAccording to him, it is a decision whose economic consequences could force Minsk to give up.

“We recommend this proposal to the members of the European Parliament and to the European embassies,” said an opposition spokesperson from Warsaw. “an important part of the trade Chinese Passing through Europe and Belarus; If rail traffic is blocked, Lukashenko will have to accept his release.” According to Belarusian political scientist Dmitri Bolkunets, the idea arose “after the recent release of 200 political prisoners in Nicaragua”, an officially accepted unilateral measure. By Managua, although all observers firmly agree that there is some kind of ultimatum about the Daniel Ortega regime. Moreover, according to this analyst, it is a step that already has a successful precedent: During the 2021 migration crisis, Poland brought tens of thousands of immigrants from Belarus, Iraq and Afghanistan. and transferred to the Lithuanian border, Warsaw “threatens to cut off commercial traffic to Minsk” and the repression subsided within a few days. We don’t want weapons like Ukrainebut support measures“, finishing Bolkunets.

This proximity war in ukraine Pushed the situation in Belarus into the backgroundA country that experienced mass protests against the head of state after the presidential election in the summer-autumn 2020 has been described as “cheating”, but many observers actually consider both realities to be part of the same conflict. Russian support supported Lukashenko at a time when he seemed to be faltering given the enormous public backlash after the election, and in return, Russia allowed him to invade Ukraine from its territory last year. HE Kremlin Trying to lure Minsk into a more belligerent stance In the conflict that the Belarusian president, beset with internal problems, is reluctant to accept.

missing from the news

The Belarusian crisis disappeared from the news, but not from the political debate. This Friday, the US Treasury Department released a new list of Belarusian individuals and organizations that have been sanctioned for participating in crackdown on political opposition. transactions with them. Among them are Sergei Nikiforovich, director of BelAZ, a public company specializing in the construction of machinery for the transport of mines, and MAZ, also a state company for the manufacture of heavy vehicles. In both, workers were intimidated or even fired to prevent them from participating in the protests. They were also covered North America blacklist Seven new members have joined the Central Election Commission, alleged to have committed election fraud.

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