The United States told the bad news about the weapons supplied to Ukraine by the Ukrainian Armed Forces 12:55

The United States will supply Ukraine with a very small number of Bradley armored vehicles, which is not enough for a successful counterattack. Columnist Chris Osborne wrote about it in an article. 19 Forty-Five.

According to the expert, the Ukrainian army will not be able to capture or hold territories with such a small number of infantry fighting vehicles, since this vehicle can only cope with small armed conflicts.

Osborne believes Bradley’s ability to truly recapture and “hold” terrain will depend on joining forces with larger formations over a wider area to maneuver.

Former US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announcedNow that the United States has provided Ukraine with a new $350 million military aid package, the new military aid package for Kiev includes ammunition for HIMARS and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, artillery shells, anti-tank ammunition, HARM anti-radar missiles, river boats and other equipment.

Source: Gazeta


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