Fuels hit one-year lows at Easter gates

It seemed like something that would never come, but in the end, Fuel prices reinforced the downtrend and gave drivers a breather at the gates of a period like Easter when vehicles moved big.. And the current price is the lowest in a year, especially when it comes to diesel, which costs less than the now-defunct 20-cent bonus. This low price also leads the fuel stations in the province to make good forecasts for the holidays. hope to eventually reach 2019 sales levels.

The outbreak of war in Ukraine, the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia and the ban on the import of oil and its derivatives caused an unprecedented rise in fuel prices. They hit their ceiling last June when gasoline registered a 95 maximum of 2,120 euros and diesel 2,039 euros..

From there, a gradual decline began, albeit with ups and downs. This decline was exacerbated at the beginning of 2023 due, among other issues, to the fall in international refined product prices, particularly as a result of the slowdown in growth in international economies. .

The result was that now, prices hit their lowest level since March last year. Thus, 95 petrol is currently trading at an average of 1,633 euros, while diesel is trading at 1,553 euros. Moreover, this latest fuel is now cheaper than the 20 cents bonus, given that the price was 1,852 euros when this discount was introduced on April 1 last year. Gas 95, although barely two cents, still costs a little more than the bonus.

The curious thing about the case is that this reduction occurred just as Holy Week was about to begin, and Significant differences are not expected from today until the beginning of this holiday period.. This was stated by Emilio Córcoles, provincial president of the Federation of Mediterranean Gas Station Entrepreneurs (Fedmes), and that “when it comes to fuel, you can never risk guessing, because any news that happens internationally can change things. Given that it is set from Europe, it does not appear that a local holiday like Easter in Spain would make any significant changes.

The industry also hopes that a veritable avalanche of tourists will come to the province during this festive season, and many from Alicante will load their vehicles to go elsewhere. If these predictions come true, gas stations hope to return their sales levels in 2019 to pre-pandemic levels. “It’s been a long journey that we hope to end up in the desert,” he states.

Source: Informacion


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