When and where to try “La Aspirante”, one of the best hamburgers in the Community of Valencia?

Talent, innovation and creativity. Burgers created for all these reasons Circusrecently awarded Alicante hamburger restaurant best burger chain 2023 In the 3rd edition of the Spanish Hamburger Championship, they also placed third for the best hamburger in the Community of Valencia. “Suitor”a work of art created in collaboration with expert and influencer Joe Burger Challenge and top beef supplier Paco Rosa.

Circo food truck dates and locations

Circo team receives diploma accrediting itself as “Best Hamburger Chain of 2023”

After the merit, it is the “Applicant”’s turn to embark on the most exciting journey of his life. food truck Prepared by Circus to put on a performance Six city tours in Spain.

First stop is your land, Alicante, which will stay in the Volvo region from 30 March to 9 April. It should be noted that this tour is part of The Champions Burger 2023. To search for the best hamburger in Spain For this, all participants will get on the food trucks and cook for the award nominee.

Like this, “Suitor”not currently on the menu and can only be tried on this tour, It will continue its journey through Spain and will land at the fairground at Las Rozas between 13-23 April. Madrid; From April 27 to May 7 Zaragoza In the fair area; Between 11-21 May at Delicias Pier Seville; and at Ramón de Sota Pier from 1-11 June Bilbao.

Circus takes third place for best hamburger in the Community of Valencia

in every city, Viewers will be able to vote for each hamburger they try. and the average of all individual ratings will be Spain’s best burger for members of that city. The best hamburgers in each city will attend. The final will be played at the Ciutat de Valencia Stadium from 22 June to 9 July. Thus, the winner will be Spain’s best hamburger in The Champions Burger 2023 edition.

Why is “Candidate” special?

For starters, the legendary Circo brioche bread is simply delicious, fluffy and soft. A bread with the most explosive mixture: jalapeno jamspicy, sweet and smoky; 200 grams Entrecote meat matured for 45 daysa real elite engineering that will take you to the top; thoroughly melted provolone cheese; a thin slice of fried onion; and star touch: pulled pork. Finally, chimichurri mayonnaiseIt will enhance all your senses.

And she, “The Candidate”, can overcome anything that is put before her, a heroine who has had to fight and continues to fight to achieve anything she puts her mind to. A eternal suitora faithful reflection of the same essence that represents the team of professionals that make up Circo, the eternal candidates.

Circo has seven hamburger restaurants spread across Alicante, Valencia and Murcia

Refer to the circus menu and make yourself happy with their burgers.

Calle del Teatro 8, Alicante

Costa Blanca Av., 128, Alicante

Maestro José Garberí Serrano Street, 5, Alicante

Calle Mare de Déu dels Desemparats 8, Elche

Apostles Street, 10 Murcia

Gran Via del Marqués del Turia, 25, Valencia

Calle del Serpis, 16, Valencia

Burger “Old souza”

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