Two contestants of ‘Big Brother’ Brazil expelled from school for alleged sexual harassment

The Brazilian version of ‘Big Brother’ is having a terrible moment. This carioca police investigation for an alleged crime sexual harassment two participants occurred inside the house of the formatThis moment happened the day after those who were also expelled from the coexistence reality show.

Specifically, the rapper Mc Guime and warrior Antonio Carlos Young (also known as Shoeface) are contenders currently being investigated by Brazilian security forces. These two participants were related. Dania MendezA Mexican influencer and former entrant of the ‘Acapulco Shore’ who came to ‘Big Brother Brazil’ as part of an exchange with ‘La casa de los famosos’ (Telemundo).

You can do it as Mc Guimé in the videos posted by Página 12 He stroked the young woman’s buttocks and tried to touch her breasts. at a party held at the reality show house. After that moment, Dania Méndez blocked her way as best she could.

This wasn’t the only moment of such traits that Mendez had to endure. Also, at the aforementioned party, Antonio Carlos Junior grabbed Dania Méndez and gave her a kiss.A scene that ends with a struggle in bed.

The reaction of Globo, the chain broadcasting ‘Big Brother Brazil’, was not delayed after many followers of the format were warned about what happened, condemned the incidents and took precautions in this regard. “We have a guest at home. A visitor. A person from another country. But above all a woman. And like any woman she deserves absolute respect. From everything we’ve seen and heard, I’m here to say we didn’t like what we saw yesterday. They were against the rules of the program.‘ said Tadeu Schimidt, host of the Brazilian reality show.

In a conversation with Schmidt, Méndez admitted that he felt attacked, even though he initially wanted to take it lightly. Actually, reality show host made it clear that he was not guilty of anything that happened After the Mexican apologized to the rapper and fighter after learning that he had been deported.

The Ministry of Women, the Brazilian director of Lula Da Silva, also said in a press release about these unfortunate events: “This is not an isolated case. The defendants need to be deported, but we are far from appropriate treatment for these cases. . Violence against women is not fun“.

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