Environment and climate change concern Spaniards more than pensions or mortgages

Concerns about environmental degradation are increasingly reinforced in Spain. Climate change and the environment are the two main issues for Spaniards, beyond pensions, mortgages and even the COVID pandemic.racism or immigration, according to the Idea Barometer conducted by the Center for Sociological Studies (CIS) this March. Moreover, 80% of the population confirms that they have made changes in their daily habits. to help fight climate change.

For which results Approximately 3,800 people were interviewed between 1-11 March.It shows that for 1.8 percent of Spaniards, climate change is currently the main problem existing in Spain, followed closely by the environment for 1.5 percent of the sample.

In the spontaneous ranking of the most relevant issues between climate change and the environment for Spaniards, there is the increase in taxes most relevant at 1.6 percent.

More important than a pension

These three concerns of Spaniards are above issues such as pensions, which are just behind the periphery. this is the most important thing for the ranking and 1.3 percent; Lack of trust in politicians and institutions, which is the biggest problem of 1.2 percent; mortgage for 0.4 percent; Racism is the main problem with 0.3 percent and drugs or immigration as the most worrying 0.2 percent.

Increases Spanish interest in the environment agencies

Especially when asked about climate change, this is the first problem that most affects 0.5 percent of Spaniards; The second most important issue for 0.7 percent of respondents and the third most important issue for 1% of the total. Altogether, this is one of the top concerns for 2.2 percent of respondents.

In addition, we were asked, in particular, whether climate change worries you a lot or little or nothing at the moment, 30.5 percent care a lot; 42.1 percent is a bit; 17.5 percent very little and 8 percent nothing.

Likewise, for 56.4 percent of respondents, people’s actions greatly influence climate change; a little for 30.3 percent; It has little impact for 8.5 percent, and only 2.4 percent of Spaniards think that human action has no impact on climate change.

80% made changes in their lives to prevent climate change

Regarding the possibilities of reversing climate change, if there is an irreversible situation that can be stopped or nothing can be done so that the situation does not worsen, 60.7 percent of Spaniards can stop warming so that the situation does not worsen; 17.5% think the situation is irreversible and nothing can be done and 14.8 percent believe that climate change is reversible.

Transition to electric car, one of the most common applications agencies

This concern is for 80.3 percent of Hispanics, leading to changes in daily life and some daily practices to stop or mitigate climate change in the past two years, while 18.5 percent do nothing.

from this 80.3% of people changing their habits to contribute to action against climate change, the most publicized behavior is recycling waste at clean spots and sorting household trash and reducing waste, as did 57.6 percent of respondents; This was followed by those who stopped driving with 22.1 percent and those who tried to control their energy consumption at home with 20 percent. 13 percent control water consumption, 13.1 percent use public transportation and 6.4 percent use bicycles.

especially, heThe two most common changes in the last two years, with 80.3 percent, are recycling waste at clean points and/or classification of household garbage, reducing waste by 57.6 percent and stopping the use of cars, something that 22.1 percent of those surveyed do.

When 100 percent of respondents asked about the two most important changes they have made in their lives to reduce or stop climate change, 19.7 percent did nothing, 46.3 percent of those who made the habit of recycling waste at clean spots and/or separating household trash and reducing waste ; This was followed by those who stopped using cars with 17.8 percent.


Contact address of the environment department: crizclimatica@prensaiberica.es

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