This bazaar section lidl always surprises us. Between its shelves we can find different items every week. do it yourself house, kitchen and toys, among others. Some of these products only stay in supermarkets for a few days, but can then be purchased online.

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Many of these items are best sellers and they run out a few hours after they go on sale.

One of the most striking decorative elements you can find in these supermarkets is the delicate wall shelf. Its design is amazing and the price is even more expensive because the cost €14,99. Next, we will see in more detail how it is done. Lidl designer shelf This is sweeping sales.

Lidl designer furniture that impresses customers

HE design furniture One of the products whose sales are rapidly increasing in Lidl supermarkets is a gold metal shelf that can be hung on the wall. Available in two models. It has rounded lines and three small shelves, one of which forms a semicircle. The other is hexagonal and also three shelves.

Lidl rack. LIDL

Both are made of metal, cardboard and glass and have a striking gold color.

The semicircular shelf measures 45 x 35 x 10.5 cm and weighs 595 grams. The hexagonal model measures 46 x 40 x 11 cm and weighs 749 grams. Price of one of the two models 9.99 euros.

Lidl designer shelf LIDL

Currently, the hexagonal model Sold online and according to the announcement on the supermarket website, there are a few units left of the semicircular model.

Where to place the Lidl rack

This furniture can be placed different rooms of the house and performs various functions. For example, if you hang it on the wall of the house bath You can place perfume bottles in a privileged place. If you put it in the living room, you can place decorative items on the shelves, such as a photo frame or a small vase.

A Lidl store. mimpki/Shutterstock

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It can be used in the office to place a light book or air freshener. It’s also perfect to place keys or a small mirror on its shelves to put in the entrance of the house and touch up before heading out. And if you love plants, this shelf is a beautiful gardener It is home to several small plants.

As it is a light piece of furniture, easy to place on any wall and it won’t take long to install.