A physiotherapist describes the dangers of wearing too tight clothes 01:56

Regular and prolonged wearing of tight, tight clothing can lead to impaired lymphatic drainage and blood microcirculation in the parts of the body that are subject to compression, and other dangerous consequences for the body. This was told socialbites.ca by Sergey Kazimov, head of the physiotherapy department of the Rehabilitation Center of the Medscan clinical network.

According to the expert, the fact is that on the surface of the body under the skin and in the upper layers of the muscles there is a network of capillaries, as well as blood and lymphatic vessels. All of them are needed to provide nutrients to cells and to remove waste products of metabolism from tissues.

“In a relaxed state, these vessels contain part of the blood and lymph – this is an intravascular fluid. If you pass over large surfaces of the body due to clothing, blood and lymph will flow from the clamped peripheral vessels to the more central areas of the circulatory system, thereby increasing fluid pressure and the load on the heart, causing. an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, for example, people with hypertension should pay attention to wearing tight clothes,” the physiotherapist warned.

Also, in the cold season, loose trousers and jeans create a small air gap between the body surface and the fabric of the garment. This provides additional thermal protection by retaining the heat of the human body. The absence of an air layer between the clothing and the skin further cools the body.

“Tight jeans compress the superficial veins and reduce the movement of the surrounding coolant, causing supercooling. This type of clothing indirectly causes cooling not only of the legs but also of the pelvic organs, thereby increasing the risk of developing cystitis in women and prostatitis in men.

Compressive or tight men’s underwear can harm men’s long-term wear and health. This worsens blood flow and lymph flow in the male genital organs, which is manifested in a decrease in potency and reproductive function. In a male body growing during puberty, pressurized underwear may cause disruption of the healthy physiological development of the reproductive organs.

“For comfortable sleep, vision and brain function, normal blood circulation is also necessary in the forehead, temples and head area, which is often disturbed by tight hats that constrict blood vessels in the scalp. This can cause migraines, headaches, and increased fatigue,” the doctor said.

Sometimes it is dangerous to wear very tight jackets and T-shirts made of thick fabric. They can interfere with the free expansion of the chest during breathing. The resulting lack of oxygen in the lungs and body leads to hypoxia with all the ensuing consequences.

“You have to be careful with women’s underwear. Tight bras and undersized underwear can so impair blood flow and lymph flow in the mammary glands that prolonged wearing can lead to trophism disorder and the development of mastopathy. “This can affect women’s ability to breastfeed later on,” said Kazimov, a physical therapist.

According to the doctor, wearing a belt that tightly compresses the stomach is undesirable, especially if this occurs against the background of obesity with a large amount of subcutaneous fat in the lower abdomen. In this case, there is a risk of compression of the lateral saphenous nerve of the thigh. The so-called Roth-Berngardt syndrome or compression-ischemic neuropathy develops.

Formerly an osteopath judicial occupations that pose a danger to the spine.

Source: Gazeta


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