29 arrested from a network stealing catalytic converters from cars in Malaga, Madrid and Toledo

National Police agents arrested 29 people linked to a criminal organization possibly dedicated removal of vehicle catalysts throughout the national territory.

Arrests were made in the provinces. Malaga, Madrid and ToledoIt’s where all 15 searches were made, as reported by the National Police in a statement.

group members It directly distributed the catalysts in the Community of Madrid, where it is headquartered, and to another company in Malaga.sold this product to Houston (United States).

Investigation It began last August after several arrests in Malaga on charges of catalyst theft.The one who places agents behind a mobile criminal organization that commits criminal acts all over Spain.

The researchers were able to identify the different companies involved in the acquisition of the catalysts, from the first steps being the Madrid Region-based merchants that directly purchase the product. dedicated to exporting these catalysts abroad, especially to Houston, Texas (USA).. These companies are trying to make it legal in the legal tender market by falsifying invoices for the sale of catalysts.

The agents were also able to identify members of the organization and learn of their involvement in the events, and arrested the 29 named people, including members of the organization responsible for stealing the catalysts and those responsible for taking them. same and sale-related document falsification. Now, it was decided to temporarily arrest six of the active members One of the organization’s most important and most active members is accused of up to 43 criminal acts.

Special, There were 16 arrests in Madrid city, three in San Fernando de Henares, two in Leganés, one in Getafe and another in Torrejón de Ardoz.. Also, it has been four in Malaga, one in the Toledo town of Seseña and the other in Talavera de la Reina.

On the other hand, in 15 records, 6 in Madrid, 2 in Getafe, 1 in San Fernando de Henares, 1 in Torrejón de Ardoz, 1 in Leganés, 3 in Málaga and 1 in Seseña, A. A large number of catalysts and tools, 40,000 euros in cash, a firearm and ammunition, as well as documents related to illegal activity were seized for the theft.

Thus, the investigation allowed the total to be clarified. 501 verbs committed in different provinces Where the investigation travels.

Source: Informacion


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