Spring comes and with it floors they begin to bloom. In fields, gardens, and also in pots of private houses. And there are many who prefer it. in the plants as a home decoration tool. However, indoor plants perform other functions besides purely aesthetic ones. One of the most important is to keep mosquitoes away. Here we are talking about some mosquito repellent plants you can have in your home

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Best mosquito repellent plants to have at home

This an essential South Asian herb It is well known for having this presence in the composition of many repellent products. Well, the most natural way to use it is to place a pot with this plant directly next to one of your house windows. This essential oils The bugs this plant emits are very irritating to insects, so they will stay quite a distance from your home.

Citronella plant.

This mint another aromatic plants most appreciated in many homes. It gives a delicious aroma and you can also use the leaves for cooking or brewing. In addition, this aroma will keep mosquitoes meters away from your home.

Peppermint is a powerful natural mosquito repellent. Pixabay

If we continue with aromatic plants, basil It is one of the most used in cooking and also natural insect repellents. For even more effectiveness, place the pot near the window.

Basil is an ideal herb to decorate and sweeten your home. Pixabay

HE rosemary and its characteristic natural aroma is at the top of the list. mosquito repellent plants. Reason Sardinia which it harbors and that insects prefer to avoid at all costs.

Rosemary is an excellent mosquito repellent. Pixabay

This lavender It is a very effective aromatic herb to repel insects. Its unique scent repels flies, mosquitoes and other flying creatures that will be very careful not to enter your home if you have one of these plants.


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Now might be a good time to start growing these plants at home and enter the summer with a good natural defense against pesky mosquitoes. Choose a beautiful pot and start building your own army of mosquito repellent plants.