According to the barracks guards for whose work he was awarded, Mon’s “unique” anti-humidity product “only absorbs heat”

Product “unique and new” anti-moisture Canary businessman said whose benefits Ángel Ramón Tejera de León, nicknamed “Mon”, Like him Lieutenant General Pedro Vazquez jarava He urged this Canarian businessman to hold demonstrations in barracks at at least a dozen command posts, including in Alicante, “actually a kind of plastic paint that only absorbs and retains heat, What addictions with what in the summer is a sauna ».

The village guards, who worked under a contract with this businessman, who worked in some of the eleven barracks in the province, describe these as follows:Recommended» Came by Jarava to visit the current president Alicante Command to show you the product.

These agencies tell how they were surprised to see that there are companies in the region that can do these things when the work is undertaken. “External staff who had to stay in hotels were used. during the week”. The troops describe some of these actions as: “a face wash that doesn’t run out of moisture and it was limited to impregnating walls with some kind of paint that stretches like plastic.

The Dependencies of the Civil Guard in San Miguel de Salinas. TONY SEVILLE

And this is at its best. Because there were barracks like here. St Michael of SalinasAlso included in the package of contract work with Mon, agents who have known these facilities for over two decades, do not remember any action other than the placement of some rods in the Canary Islands prior to the year the awards were presented (all in 2016) and the recent installation of some air conditioners. They also remember that a railing and stairwell were painted «but for this we had to put 50 Euros per person»clarifies.

The testimonies of these guards coincide with others, which is part of the reason why these conventions instruct a person. Madrid judge and they are in researched businessman and lieutenant general among others.

a first sergeant Cocentaina barracks Although it is planned to carry out works to remove moisture and architectural obstacles in addition to paint, “in reality only painted dependencies, although missing»up to this point furniture and paintings not removed and “maintenance personnel from Alicante Command had to go to review the shortcomings of the work carried out by the company.”

Jacarilla Barracks in a view from this Thursday. TONY SEVILLA

It is also recorded that he was a commander. Jacarilla barracks As he sent an e-mail in 2016, he recorded the shortcomings he identified at work.Only the outside of the sticks was painted, leaving the rust inside and the areas on the main façade being painted “without pre-cleaning”.

Inside Cocentaina barracks another non-commissioned officer noted that some of the jobs billed included: removing a barrier with an electric hammer was something “impossible because there were no barracks” barrier”. He was also unaware that the budget was allocated for two entrances for the disabled.

No news of events

Those responsible for approving these studies, no one was warned about any shortcomings Nor did they remember the existence of emails reported not being executed correctly. And they added that before Impossibility of on-site controlwas limited to approve the information coming to them from the head of the barracks, just stating when the work begins and when it ends. Regarding Mon, they remember that he made an offer. budgeted and adjusted when told to look expensive.

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