HE Aloe vera is one floors It is more common in many homes. The main reasons are that it is easy to care for and its leaves can be used. If you have an aloe plant at home and you want to propagate it to have more pots or to give to people you know, now is the best time of year to do so.

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  • Aloe vera is the most useful and easy-to-care plant you can have in your home.

As winter ends and spring begins, temperatures become milder than in previous months, andIdeal time to transplant aloe vera cuttings. We will explain below how you should do so that your plant is not damaged and you can reproduce it in a short time.

How to propagate aloe vera cuttings?

If you have a plant aloe vera at home You may have noticed that smaller branches grow around the main leaves. it’s called youth and when they emerge, it is best to remove them so that the mother plant can continue to develop with enough space and strength.

Aloe vera plant.

The best way to remove them is to take advantage of them and plant them in another pot and get a new aloe vera.

The first step in doing this is to carefully remove the suckers to avoid damaging the cut roots. If some of the roots are too weak or deteriorated, it is time to remove them and separate from the main root so that the future plant can grow stronger.

Then put this cutting in a new pot with a good drainage system and into which you will put soil and organic fertilizer. It is also important that the pot has a thick bed of gravel to avoid excess moisture in the roots of the plant. Put the stalk in the pot up to where the leaves are born.

Aloe vera contains a very useful gel for treating burns. Pixabay

You should not make the cut after sewing water immediately. Allow about two weeks to pass before adding water to allow the roots to strengthen.

How to care for the aloe plant?

For the new aloe vera plant to grow properly, you should place the pot in a place that receives natural light but not too much. Regarding watering, you should water every two or three weeks as this is a plant. You don’t need a lot of water.

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Medicinal properties of aloe vera

Aloe vera, also called Aloe vera, Barbados aloe, or hibiscus, Medicinal properties and healing. This is because its leaves contain a very valuable gel for treating burns and other skin problems. It is also used in making cosmetics.