The German Left is torn between anguish and division over some leaders’ closeness to Putin

The president on Monday was called “irresponsible” LeftSpeculations About Martin Schirdewan division If a party has a seat in the Bundestag (Federal Parliament), it is due to direct powers gained in several regions in the east of the country. state of the left or Die Linkealmost suffering since the general election Germany The year 2021, when it received 4.9%. In other words, it’s below the 5% bar minimum to gain seats unless three district victories are achieved, as was the case by its most historic leader, Gregor Gysi.

The final blow may come Sahara Wagenknechtshape of the nearest wing communismAnnouncing last Friday that he would not run for election with that party again . His resignation can even be seen as a relief for La Izquierda. is a character identified with. pro russian line that the party leadership is trying to distance itself from. Some of its propositions are close to those of the far right. Alternative for Germany (AfD). It’s not just about the current “understanding” of President Vladimir Putin. defended their positions. xenophobic radicalism In the humanitarian crisis in 2015, when Germany took in close to one million refugees.

In February, Wagenknecht organized a Peace March with Alice Schwarzer, a symbol of German historical feminism, now leaning towards extreme conservatism. The initiative brought together tens of thousands of “ordinary” citizens in front of the Brandenburg Gate. arms shipments to Ukraine and some Pro-Russia flags. While several columns of far-right groups mingled with the march, La Izquierda’s leadership denied any connection to the call.

alarm signal

Wagenknecht, 53, and Schwarzer, 79, were not alone on stage. The call also meant the re-emergence of the people. Oscar Lafontaine also 79 years old and co-founder of La Izquierda in 2005 with Gysi.

It was more than an alarm signal for the party. Lafontaine officially resigned from his membership in March last year, a few weeks after the start of the Russian invasion. He did this by contradicting the party’s Moscow line. “By founding La Izquierda, I wanted to offer an alternative to the politics of insecurity and social imbalances. The current Left has given up on these goals,” Lafontaine said at the time. Leftist Die Linke had abandoned his ideals. disarmament And pacifism Not rejecting Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s rearmament line with the necessary force, he said, was with what he was born with.

The break with his party is Lafontaine’s second political tear. The first took place in 1999, when he resigned twice as head of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and finance minister a few months after he came to power. Gerhard Schroder at the head of a red-green coalition.

political showdown

Lafontaine took with him the Social Democratic opposition, which was considered a political showdown, but with a certain testosterone component between Schroeder’s centrism and the SPD’s most left-wing cores. It eventually merged with the post-communist Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS), a formation that was cornered by the rest of Gysi’s then German parliamentary spectrum and labeled as the heir to the Berlin Wall regime.

Together they consolidated La Izquierda, which was gradually gaining a position as a coalition partner of the SPD in the east of the country, including Berlin, and even its own coalition partner. Bodo Ramelow, at the head of the Thuringian regional government in the east. Wagenknecht, who married Lafontaine in 2014, was invited a few days ago by the leader of the AfD’s most radical wing, precisely the leader of Thuringia, Björn Höcke.

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