Russia supports legal reform to protect Wagner’s mercenaries from criticism

The Kremlin protects itself, including its group wagner mercenaries. This Thursday, the Duma made progress on a legislative reform that would ensure that those involved in Russia’s campaign in Ukraine would not be discredited at home. The project wants to change criminal and administrative responsibility to those who do. publicly discredit to all participants of what the Russian government calls a “special military operation”, including voluntary formations, as well as mercenaries. May be punished 15 years in prison in the worst cases.

In his presentation on the initiative, the head of the Duma said, Viacheslav VolodinHe explained that they are interested in various amendments to the Criminal Code and Administrative Offenses Law on the subject of “responsibility to discredit the participants”. special military operation“Those who are sanctioned must face up hard pains“a fine of up to five million rubles (60,000 euros at current exchange rates) or up to five years of correctional or forced labor or imprisonment of up to 15 years.”

The legislator justified the necessity of this change to protect those who, in his opinion, “put their lives at risk, taking care of the safety of the country and our citizens.” The second reading of the bill took place this Thursday, and the last one will be held on March 14. The so-called ‘Putin cook’ Evgeny Prigozhinthe leader of this mercenary group asked Volodin in January to urgently discuss the possibility of criminally punishing the critics against anyone present on the Ukrainian front today.

Convicted of “discrediting” the Russian army

They have already been tried under this law. thousands of citizensfined varying amounts in many cases. In the first eight months of the conflict, a total of 2,500 Russian citizens were punished, who paid fines equivalent to one and a half million euros in total. However, more prominent sounds dropped greater penalties for openly criticizing “special military operations”, as in the opponent’s case Ilya Yashin or the former mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman.

The first said clearly in a ‘stream’, Bucha massacre It was carried out by Russian troops, which cost him nine years in prison. Roizman, for his part, also criticized the actions of the Russian military and is currently under house arrest and has been arrested. The use of social networks is prohibited.

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