Otolaryngologist Leskov: Getting used to nasal drops will require “heavy treatment”

In conversation with otolaryngologist Ivan Leskov URA.RU

He noted that those who regularly use certain vasoconstrictor nasal drops may become permanently dependent on this drug due to the ongoing swelling of the mucous membranes.

The doctor explained that addiction to vasoconstrictor drugs created on the basis of adrenaline or its compounds occurs – they cause the vessels to contract, and the patient will almost not be able to breathe without using drops.

“The treatment options for addiction are very difficult. This is long-term use of hormonal drugs, although local, but still for a long time, and hormones have never been so white and fluffy. Or the second option is surgical treatment, ”Leskov said.

Former otolaryngologist saidthis leads to an untreated runny nose.

Another ENT doctor named Ana mistakes in the treatment of colds.

Source: Gazeta


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