With the arrival of high temperatures, new “tenants” in our homes: cockroaches. Also known as this insect blatodeo anyone green pine, scientific name, It is an unpleasant companion of summer nights, and the lack of rain multiplies the appearance of these undesirables with the rise of thermometers. vermin Breeding and foraging, so they are around the world many times over. rubbish.

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scientific name blatodea It comes from the Latin blatta, “cockroach”, and the Greek eid├ęs, “looks like.” There are more than 3,500 known species in the cockroach family. region of spain just defined five different types: the german cockroach or blond (blatella german), black cockroach (eastern blatta), american cockroach (american planet), supella longipalpa And Periplanet australasia.

However, in the south of Spain and especially in the province of Alicante, we can find it most frequently. german cockroach (Blatella german)ceastern black cockroachfeared american cockroach it can fly as if its size wasn’t enough. If some cockroaches fly.

Preventing these unpleasant insects from sneaking into the house is quite complicated especially if we live on the lower floors, so it’s a good idea to place them in our house to control them. homemade cockroach traps

To deal with its scary appearance cockroaches and their eggs We have an excellent ally: sodium bicarbonate. dir-dir the substance is very toxic to cockroaches and it is very effective to destroy them but cockroaches are not stupid and they are a bait this manages to lure them into the trap.

Our other ideal partner in this case is: sugar. The sweet smell and taste of sugar will definitely catch your attention. Cockroaches to attract baking sodawhich will take kill them in a few seconds.

prepare this trap for kill cockroaches It is very simple with baking soda and sugar. You should immediately show the effect by mixing sodium bicarbonate and sugar in equal proportions in a bowl and apply the mixture to the areas where you have found cockroaches at home.

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For example, hot and humid places such as appliance motors, breadbaskets (which they love too), cupboards or kitchen door frames.