With Summer temperatures rise, which translates into the probability that: new “tenants” appear in the house: cockroaches. Also known as blatodeans, scientific name blatodea It comes from the Latin blatta, “cockroach”, and the Greek eidés, “looks like.” And although this more than 3,500 species Known in the cockroach family, region of spain just defined four different types. This Lack of precipitation in the province with the increase in thermometers this reproduces the appearance of the undesirable vermin Breeding and foraging, so they are around the world many times over. rubbish.

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Thus the German cockroach (Blatella german)oriental, american and brown or brown band are the bands we can find most frequently in the province of Alicante.

For this reason and so avoid the plague of these terrible insectswe recommend one Series homemade tricks and natural Able to act as an insecticide and cope with the appearance of terrible cockroaches and their eggs.

Tips and tricks to prevent cockroaches at home

HE baking soda sodium can be a substance. lethal when it comes to killing cockroaches. But, they don’t feel attractive if they don’t have a sweet smell or taste. So even though baking soda is effective at destroying them, they need a bait that will keep them interested.

In this case, the recommendation is based on mix this product with sugar, creating the perfect mix that these insects will devour. To do this, a coat both products in equal parts and then apply it to the corners of the house where there are cockroaches.

Blatodea | House tricks to avoid cockroaches in the house FREE

It’s true, many aromatic plants as we know it moves natural repellent from cockroaches. So like the species mint or HE bay they seem to have suitable properties to keep these unpleasant insects at bay. Also like the strong species minced garlic, onion or ground pepper They will help reduce their assets. only you should sprinkle in the most convenient places.

maybe not about perfect number In the fight against this plague of insects, yeah useful solution if you have a garden or terrace they usually sneak in. This way, the chances of any of these animals getting inside your home are reduced.

Aromatic herbs, home remedies against cockroaches or blatodea FREE

HE lemon It is often a popular home remedy for many insects, including cockroaches. These unwanted insects they hate the sour smell this lemon delivers. for him, clean surfaces, floorssinks and showers lemon and water solution or cleaning product containing lemon It will reduce the perfumed appearance.

However, it should not be forgotten that the most important remedy for the complete disappearance of such pests is undoubtedly the constant cleaning of the house.

Aromatic herbs, home remedies against cockroaches or blatodea

Other star products that put an end to cleaning and cockroach problems are; vinegar. For the effect to be effective, an action must be taken. a mixture of water and white vinegar we should do it later spray on problem areas of the house.

Vinegar, household trick to kill cockroaches FREE

If you are someone who loves all animals, this option may not seem unreasonable to you. if any cat and it’s already part of the family, you’ll probably appreciate it the talent of these little ones felines while hunting them. Also, although unusual and strange, lizzard or sparrow They will help you finish the cockroach problem.

Cats can help scare away cockroaches Information

One of the most used remedies to eliminate them is a very cheap and super effective putty. Recipe: Mix half a chopped onion, half a glass of regular flour, water, a pinch of sugar and 3 or 4 teaspoons of boric powder.

Once the pasta is done, enjoy its benefits. Bottle caps to place the mixture inside and distribute them in the rooms of your house where they usually appear. But be careful if pets as it can be toxic.

Onion, one of the most effective repellents FREE

How to avoid problems caused by cockroaches?

Knowing the home remedies and tricks that help you get rid of unwanted insects, if you avoid using chemical products. So, strange as it may seem, greater hygiene and sanitation does not guarantee whether a pest will decide to settle in that place, no matter how clean it is. Actually, cockroach they go any field solely to meet your needs and keep bumping.

Cockroach Mediterrenian

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However, we remind you of some preventive measures that can help you reduce the risk of the appearance of these insects:

  • clear the floor regularly, mop, broom or vacuum cleaner. Especially after meals, you should pay attention to areas such as the kitchen and dining room.
  • Empty very stylish garbage can.
  • This leftovers They are very attractive to these beings. Therefore, try not to leave any food within their reach that could be an excuse to stay at home.

  • not to leave unwashed kitchen utensils anyone stays in to throw.

  • This holes and cracks It is a real source of entry for cockroaches communicating with the outside. To do this, seal any holes connecting the street to the interior of your home with putty or cement.

  • check from time to time back parts Home Appliances It is an ideal hiding place for these creatures by generating heat and producing moisture.