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What if you could plant a tree every time you tried to answer a question online? It may seem like a utopian or unrealistic idea, but the truth is that in the past twelve years, nearly 170 million trees have been replanted at the push of a button in 30 different countries. Those who reach this milestone are the pioneers of the future. echoA search engine that plants trees and whose purpose is to protect the environment by restoring vegetation in areas of the world that are subject to periods of great deforestation.

The search engine uses ads from each search to generate revenue and then is dedicated to planting trees where they are needed most. A user can find the perfect croquette recipe in just 1.3 seconds and in return can change the future of towns most affected by deforestation, such as Burkina Faso, Uganda, Brazil, United States, Australia or Indonesia. They plant a tree with their callsa new life that will be necessary to protect endangered species, keep agriculture alive, or mitigate the impact of climate change.

On average, only 45 calls per user to plant a new tree. The search engine interface provides all kinds of information on how, where and why trees are planted, as well as information on the management of the business’s resources and revenues.

Ecosia field in Senegal echo

Ecosia takes into account the characteristics of the place where this process will be carried out when planting new trees. His mantra is to bring back to Earth the species that have always belonged to him. To choose best native speciesAdditionally, they work hand in hand with local communities and have local organizations that help them both replant and get to know the ecosystem better.

The idea to start Ecosia arose in 2009, after the company’s CEO, German Christian Koll, made a worldwide trip to understand the deforestation issues plaguing him.

Between 2009 and 2011 the idea began to permeate so much in and out of Europe that in 2014 the company Recognized as B Corporation, the first company in Germany to hold this qualification. This award is given to companies that build a more inclusive and sustainable economy for all people and the planet.

Performance in Senegal echo

to get it high standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability must be met. As of June 2019, it had already planted 60 million trees. Today, this figure is close to 143 million.

performances in Spain

Spain is one of many countries participating in this initiative. The south of our country is facing intense and rapid desertification, which could endanger 12% of fruits and vegetables and 54% of species and plants in all of Europe. Ecosia in Spain became operational in 2017 and since then 240 hectares have been restored and 138,253 trees have been planted.. Alvelal Association cooperates with them.

This association brings together farmers, ranchers, businessmen from various sectors, traders, researchers from universities and other institutions, as well as citizens with a common goal: to improve the socio-economic, environmental and cultural conditions of regions; facing current threats such as depopulation, desertification and lack of opportunities. Its aim is to restore the landscape by creating businesses that add value to local produce and create sustainable employment, a value that fully overlaps with Ecosia.

Because the goal goes beyond planting trees. Ecosia also helps find economical alternatives and business opportunities to ensure that your action is not a one-time event.

In Spain, for example, the generation gap between farmers is also considered, as the average age of workers in rural areas ranges from 40 to 45. That’s why one of Ecosia’s projects is ‘Millennials at work: the next generation of farmers’. Attract the youngest to keep alive a task as vital as the maintenance of the field creating sustainable companies that keep the economy of small towns alive.

And as in Spain, Ecosia is trying to create. special projects that adapt to each country make it possible to put an end to unsustainable economic practices. For example, although planting trees in Brazil improves the health of the Amazon and restores the ecosystem (trees protect 60% of the country’s endangered species), Ecosia also helps farmers in the region engage in regenerative agriculture compatible with recovery. big forest

Ecosia develops projects in many countries echo

But Brazil’s needs are very different from those of Burkina Faso, where, for example, the goal of planting new trees is to restore completely deserted land, which not only makes it less productive, but also damages infrastructures if necessary. heavy rains occur.

There, the project has been active since 2014 and has been recovered with more than 15 million trees planted on 14,137 hectares. Additionally, in this case, communities are included to be part of the seed preparation process.

But if the proliferation of native trees does have any benefit, it’s to prevent bad economic practices from continuing to destroy forests. In Indonesia, where extensive palm oil crops replace 25% of forestsForcing all wildlife to flee, these people are trying to plant trees to create new, less aggressive farming methods that are compatible with the ecosystem.

Ecosia continues to look for new users who continue to contribute with grains of sand to keep this venture alive.


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