Alarm in Madrid for the concert of “Trinidadian rapper” Rochy RD

This Madrid Municipal Police A certain device will be deployed this Wednesday, supposedly before the concert in the country’s capital. “Trinidadian rapper”, Rochy RD, His last recital in Fuenlabrada A 21-year-old teenager was shot dead with a gun.

“There is also a device planned. We were aware of this situation, which was also detected by our services. Maximum cooperation with the Government Delegation of course, but we will have a special service by the Municipal Police”, underlined Inmaculada Sanz, a spokesperson for the local Government and Delegate for Security and Emergency Situations.

The Government delegate in Madrid, Mercedes González, confirmed that the National Police had initiated it. He argued that there was a security operation prior to this concert and one in the Fuenlabrada case, and it was “satisfactory”.‘ until a ‘treacherous shot’ and a ‘totally unpredictable situation’ occur.

Inmaculada Sanz noted that jurisdiction over youth gangs – as criminal organizations – mainly rests with the National Police and that the Municipal Police “strengthen” the areas where they can help them.

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In this sense, it increased from 160 to 260, and brought forward the representatives who could meet.It is an important task to identify young people who may be in a gang environment and to convey information. Likewise, it also played a role in inspecting the places where the sale of bladed weapons could take place.

“Madrid remains one of the safest cities in the world but we have to stop the youth gangs”The Emergency and Safety delegate concluded.

Source: Informacion


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