‘My father killed my mother’: Heartbreaking statement of eldest son of woman killed in Baiona

Ángel Rodríguez da Costa took the minors to his father’s and children’s grandparents’ home after he allegedly took his ex-wife’s life with his two children, aged 7 and 9, by getting into his car. the little ones – before boarding a plane that will end at Ourense outpost hours later.

According to the report on this crime by the Civil Guard, one of the children, who is the oldest, said a heartbreaking sentence in the presence of his grandfather: “My father killed my mother”.

No resident of the Percibilleira neighborhood directly witnessed the deadly attack on Beatriz Lijó. However, the collected testimonies They came to see someone next to the prisoner’s car, on the right, so it’s assumed the minors were there when everything happened. Then the man left the scene by getting on the driver’s side on the left.

Although he did not see what was happening, a neighbor told the agents about the situation. I heard “piercing screams” He went out and saw another neighborhood resident walking around normally, but he ignored it and returned home.

Footage of man arrested for murdering a woman in Baiona as he exits the Vigo courts. PS

Murder suspect did not disclose

Ángel Rodríguez da Costa has not said a word since he was arrested on Monday for alleged perpetrator of the Sunday night murder of his ex-wife Beatriz Lijó Gesteira in Baiona. He did not do so at the Ourense National Police station, where he surrendered early that morning, at the Pontevedra Civil Guard Headquarters, where he was later transferred, and at the Vigo courts yesterday, on the occasion of his adjudication.

“He doesn’t speak, he doesn’t gesture, he doesn’t react, he looks down… I couldn’t speak a word with him. Saúl Vidal, Vigo’s public defender, who took up his defense yesterday, summed it up in a catatonic state, as if he weren’t there. Given his situation, and after a search in Imelga, where this Mathematics teacher remained silent, forensics concluded that the detainee was not in a position to testify.

Concentrating on refusing to kill a woman in Baiona. XOAN KING

And after earlier requests from the prosecutor’s office, the special prosecutor’s office and the defense, the head of the Court of Violence Against Women agreed to extend the suspect’s detention for another 72 hours and be transferred. At the Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital Psychiatry ward to be evaluated by doctors.

emotional funeral

An emotional and painful final farewell to Beatriz. On the day the alleged murderer was brought to justice in Vigo, the 47-year-old victim, Beatriz Lijó Gesteira, was buried in the Baiona municipal cemetery after a funeral held at that town’s Collegiate Church. Despite the difficult situation she went through because of her ex-wife, yesterday’s relatives, friends and other relatives said goodbye to this lawyer and civil servant, whom those who know her described as “a woman of peace”, for the last time. conflict and confrontation.

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