Lebanon opens airspace and ports for emergency aid to Syria 02:19

Lebanon announced the opening of its airspace and ports for emergency humanitarian aid to the neighboring Syrian Arab Republic (SAR). writes about it TASS.

Acting Minister of Public Works and Transport Ali Hamieh added that the economic sanctions of the US and EU against Damascus are now in effect and that many countries are avoiding direct contact with Syrian officials.

According to Hamie, by order of the government, all shipping companies that will transport goods and equipment to Syria are exempt from paying taxes at Lebanese ports.

Similar advantages apply at Beirut International Airport for air travel.

“This is the least we can do for the brotherly Syrian people at the hour of the test,” the official said. A group of Lebanese rescuers from the Civil Defense Service, an army engineering unit, and volunteers from the Lebanese Red Cross Society went to Aleppo and Latakia. Members of Lebanese private charities will also come there.

As part of a government delegation, Hamie will travel to Damascus for emergency relief negotiations. Acting will also be included in the delegation. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Bou Habib, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Abbas al-Haj Hassan, Chairman of the Emergency Situations Committee, General Mohammed Khair. Hector Hajjar, Minister of Social Affairs, and Joseph Helu, Head of Department of the Ministry of Health.

On February 6, 4.9 magnitude tremors were recorded during a devastating earthquake that struck Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.

And about. Interior Minister Bassam Mevlevi said that there were no deaths or injuries in Lebanon, and that many buildings were damaged, especially in Tire, where the residents of one of the houses were evacuated. The highway was damaged in many places.

Source: Gazeta


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