Poll: 60% of Muscovites admit they rarely spend time with children 02:00

In January, analysts of the youth and health housing cluster “SOYUZ” conducted a survey of more than 1,000 Russians and found that 60% of them rarely spend time with their children. Joint sports can solve this problem, participants almost unanimously think that this is a good option for leisure. A quarter are sure that joint training strengthens family ties. socialbites.ca got acquainted with the results of the survey.

SOYUZ analysts found that only 28% and 12% of Russians who spend every evening and weekend with their children play with them regularly, not very often. Another 22% do not spend time with the child believing that they have friends for this reason, 17% rarely see children, 12% see them but mostly on weekends, 9% are busy and rarely spend time with their family.

The majority of Russians surveyed support joint physical education classes, albeit verbally – almost 40%. Another 22% are confident that joint education strengthens both family ties and health, and another 10% see it as an opportunity to relax and solve family problems.

Joint sport solves many problems, including health as well as strengthening the family, allows you to spend more time together. That is, 12% of Russians are ready to play sports if they need to help their son’s team and stand at the door after a party on Saturday morning, 7% will wake up for the sake of a family table tennis tournament, the same number – for the sake of their daughter’s dance or gymnastics competition, 6% ready to play tennis with business partners in the morning. There are also realists: 11% honestly agreed that getting up on a weekend morning is only possible with another referral from a doctor, but most respondents are clearly experienced and know that the best combination of resuscitation after a Friday party is exercise. A pool followed by a relaxing sauna, 57% responded.

At the same time, 28% of Russians agreed that there is a serious lack of swimming pools from the sports infrastructure at home, the second most popular answer is toboggan or Formula 1 track with an indicator of 26%, a football field natural grass is in the top three, while 21%’ While i want it to be in the garden, tennis courts take the fourth place with a share of 13%.

Previously reportedThat almost a third of Muscovites associate childhood with garden games.

Source: Gazeta


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