Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: Children’s lives are in danger

The most vulnerable victims in an emergency are always girls and boys. Every hour counts when a natural disaster strikes, such as the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria. We know from other disaster contexts that Children are extremely vulnerable and at high risk for separation from family, emotional and psychological distress, abuse and exploitation, and other forms of violence.

There will be boys and girls alone, scared or hurt in Syria and Turkey. Another downside added to this scenario: the harsh climatic conditions that exist in the regions most affected by sub-zero temperatures. Last night, many boys, girls and their families endured the freezing temperatures and slept outside for safety reasons. Expected snow and frost storms in the region will worsen the situation.

It is one of the strongest earthquakes to hit the region in the last 100 years. Thousands of buildings collapsed in Turkey, including hospitals and schools, and thousands of families will lose their homes, displacing thousands in need of shelter, warm clothing and food.

Studies in Turkey are now focused on human search and rescue. We are working closely with the Government and Disaster Management Presidency (AFAD) from Save the Children and assessing the needs associated with this humanitarian response. In Syria, we are ready to support this emergency in coordination with our local partners. Adding to this natural disaster more than a decade of conflict is why Syrian children face one of the most complex humanitarian emergencies.. Also, the affected area in Turkey is close to the Syrian border and is home to many already vulnerable refugees living in overcrowded and unstable shelters in Turkey.

Safe areas for children

Meeting the most basic needs of children is essential for them to protect and save their lives. But education and play can become just as important as anything else. Therefore, in an emergency, We also create safe spaces where we try to help children return to a certain state of normalcy amid the chaos. caused by a natural disaster in their life. It is a space where they can continue their education, play games, share their experiences with other children, and also receive psychological support.

We urge anyone from Save the Children who can donate to our Emergency Fund to respond quickly to the earthquake’s child victims.

Other ways to donate:

By wire transfer or deposit to a bank account (Article: EMERGENCY FUND)

Santander ES13 0049 0001 5224 1001 9194

CaixaBank ES89 2100 1727 1202 0003 2834

BBVA ES83 0182 5502 5800 1002 0207

Triodos Bank ES79 1491 0001 2321 3986 2623

by us

A Save the Children, NGO code: 33357


by phone

900 37 37 15 (toll-free, Monday to Friday 09:00 – 21:00)

via SMS

Send HELP to 38098 (Cost 3 Euros, full donation to Save the Children).

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