The best hiking routes in and around Benidorm

Benidorm It is the epicenter of Spanish music these days. thousands of fans Benidorm Festival visit the capital white shore with the intention of enjoying their favorite artists. Many will benefit from a trip to the coastal city to learn a little more about the town and its surroundings.

Sports and nature lovers will have a great time doing some of the many activities. hiking trails Benidorm and its surroundings. Below we highlight two of the best known.

The best hiking routes in and around Benidorm

Visiting some corners of the Costa Blanca can be the perfect complementary plan. Benidorm Festival. If you love to walk and want to enjoy the amazing views without going too far from Benidorm, here are a few suggestions.

The perfect walking route to take in Benidorm during Beidorm Fest week. Pixabay

Route to the viewpoint of the Benidorm Cross

One of the most recommended routes if you are in Benidorm, Viewpoint of the Cross. This enclave is located at the top of the Serra Gelada Natural Park and from there the best panoramic view of the municipality.

Climb the Benidorm Cross in the conservation area of ​​Serra Gelada. david revenge

Although the whole road is uphill, it is quite easy to reach the summit on foot. You can reach the center by walking for half an hour. corner of loix or by car to the surroundings, park and just walk the last part of the journey.

Night view of Benidorm.

Best time of day to visit it sunset so use the afternoon to get out here and enjoy one of the following. The most beautiful sunsets in Alicante. There are benches and picnic areas in the area so that you can take a break along the way and gather your strength.

Sunset is one of the best moments of the day to enjoy in Cruz de Benidorm.

The Road to Albir Lighthouse

Just 7 kilometers from Benidorm Albir lighthouse. is located in the middle Serra Gelada Nature Park andThe road that hides some of the most spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea you can imagine. It is also suitable even for everyone, as it is a fairly simple and unpretentious route.

Walking route to Albir Lighthouse. THE REVENGE OF DAVID

You can drive from Benidorm and park next to the property. Albir Information Point. The journey from there to the lighthouse takes only 45 minutes if you walk at a good pace, or about an hour if you go slower. When you reach the top, you can relax and enjoy the unique views. In total, the route is approx. 5 kilometers You can calmly complete the round trip in two hours.

A route through the scenic Albir Lighthouse THE REVENGE OF DAVID

we recommend that you do Take your time and enjoy every step. Don’t forget your mobile phone to immortalize the moment.

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