Belgorod Governor Gladkov: Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked a civilian industrial facility in Borisovka 08:22

Belgorod Region Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said in a statement: telegraph channelOn the night of February 4, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked an industrial plant in the village of Borisovka, against this background the level of “yellow” terrorist threat in the region was prolonged indefinitely.

To date, the fire has been localized by employees of the Ministry of Emergencies, its liquidation continues. While no one was injured as a result of the attack, the employees of the enterprise were evacuated on time. The official said every effort was made to minimize the damage.

Gladkov announced that he has extended the “yellow” level of terrorist threat in the Belgorod region.

“From today it will be indefinitely,” the governor wrote, adding that the president of the Russian Federation gave such a right to the governor.

February 1 Gladkov knowledgeableThe village of Novostroevka in the Grayvoron urban district was reportedly bombed.

31 January Gladkov knowledgeable On the operation of air defense systems over the Belgorod region and the Shebekinsky district. As a result, according to him, two bullets were dropped.

Source: Gazeta


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