Monegal’s criticism | “Chin Chin Oh how hot!”

Julia Otero explained in ‘Días de tele’ (TVE-1) that it was the night of 5 October 1990 when television in Spain lost her virginity and began to engage in eroticism and ‘porn’ with tremendous joy. And it evoked the first ‘porn’ broadcast on Canal Plus, with the simultaneous counterattack of other channels who didn’t want to be any less.

Yes, they programmed the feverish ‘Histoire d’O’ at La 2 that same night; A striptease played on the piano by a young French woman named TVE-1 Christine –Within the program ‘One day is one day’–; and on Tele 5, the first manga of ‘Mamachichos’ made their debut, warming the audience in the air and ‘Chin Chin ¡Ay Qué Calor!’ they sang the song. the producer said José Miguel Contreras –who was in charge of programs on Canal Plus at the time– who Juan Cueto the chain’s manager gave them a formula that was a very effective way to know how to cut a ‘porn’ movie. Tell them: “It’s pretty clear: solid state is fine, liquid state is forbidden.” In other words, they started having ‘porn’ on the ’90s Canal Plus and showed a compact and solid bulge, but cut it off with scissors as fluidity started to emerge.

‘Mamachichos’ were something else. The first was brought directly from Italy by Tele 5. There were six of them: Susy, Stephania, Daniela and the three Patrizia. They didn’t do ‘porn’, they posed naughty and kept their fronts in the wind all the time. In Días de tele they celebrated the abolition of this “objectification” of women and the abandonment of television making as such. They were saying: “It’s not an example of how a woman should be on TV.”

I’m not sure that much progress has been made on this. Looking at the ‘reality shows’ that Tele 5 continues to produce, ‘objectification’ is now projected onto both men and women. In other words, the problem has not decreased, on the contrary, it is increasing. For example, at the cornúpeta festival ‘Island of Attraction’, instead of bringing contestants out naked, they go wild, because the grace of the program is to encourage couples to cheat on each other. And they shame the poor cheater, teaching him how his partner slept with someone else. This is a very brown twist. Ah! Those ‘Mamachichos’ in 1990 were pure naivete. All they did was show their boobs.

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