Mercadona wants you to charge the car while you shop

riding the mercado electric vehicle. supermarket company headed by Juan Roig announced on Thursday that it will allocate 21 million euros to provide its facilities semi-fast charging pointsIn a project in collaboration with Iberdrola and Repsol.

In total, Valencia plans to implement the chain up to: 5,000 of these pointswill be created. one of the largest private charging networks Spain and all of Southern Europe as reported by the firm.

Currently Mecadona There are already about 2,000 charging pointsnevertheless only a hundred semi-fast. The aim is to improve these points and load new ones gradually, in such a way that All stores until the end of 2024 The new efficient model implemented by the company has this new system installed for those who have a parking lot. Among the major improvements of these new charging points are, multiply speed by 6 charge goes from 3.7 kilowatts to 22 kilowatts.

The project is implemented in cooperation. iberdrola Y replywho is who manage the service and customer serviceFrom these charging points e. The idea is that customers can plug in their electric vehicles while making their purchases. The customer will be able to easily perform all transactions such as making payments, finding the nearest charger and finding out if it is available through the mobile application of these providers (Iberdrola Public Recharge and Repsol’s Waylet).

Charging points for electric vehicles in a Mercadona store. Information

The person responsible for the Charging Service for Electric Vehicles at Mercadona, Angela Clemente Lopez stresses the importance of all national partners involved in this movement. “Hand in hand with Iberdrola and Repsol as operators of the charging point and Circutor as manufacturer of chargers, a quality electric vehicle charging networkcontributes to promoting the use of electric vehicles and decarbonizing private transport, not only in big cities but throughout the country. In addition, EV users who charge in these chargers will be able to save about half the cost of traveling compared to their traditional counterparts.”

Iberdrola’s Global Director of Intelligent Mobility, rachel whiteHe points out that the agreement with Mercadona will “bring electric mobility closer to citizens by offering semi-fast charging in their supermarkets”. This way, Mercadona customers will be able to recharge their vehicles while they shop, and they will also be able to use Iberdrola’s Public Recharge App and easily charge and pay from it, as more than 100,000 users have already done.”

finally, Carlos BermudezRepsol’s Director of Electric Mobility said, “This alliance with Mercadona takes another step in Repsol’s commitment to electric mobility in Spain. This milestone also reinforces our position as a leading company in mobility and in the industry with a focus on zero net emissions by 2050. becomes the first company to adopt this ambitious goal.”.

According to what the Valencia chain said, this move is an important step towards a development strategy for Mercadona, which is already underway and linked to the implementation of renewable energies and energy saving measures at its cores.

Source: Informacion


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