Biologists repair damage to mouse brain with a “patch” of human neurons 19:04

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have successfully transplanted human brain organelles into a mouse, this organ has taken root and learned to perform the normal functions of the mouse brain. Research published in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

The researchers grew human stem cell-derived neurons for about 80 days before transplanting them into the brains of adult mice. Before this animal damages the visual cortex. For three months, scientists observed the integration of transplanted organoids: they were penetrated by a network of blood vessels, increased in size and formed connections with mouse nerve cells. The scientists used special glowing viruses to monitor the physical connections between animal organelles and neurons.

To measure the activity of individual neurons, the biologists used electrode probes. The scientists found that when the animals see the flashing light, the neurons inside the organelles actively respond to the stimulus. This proves that organoids can not only integrate with the brain, but also learn a specific function of the visual cortex. Similar results have been obtained in other studies before, but grafting the organelles took much longer.

The study could be the first step towards using organoids to repair damaged areas of the brain.

Source: Gazeta


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