Rural and commerce seek help to undertake minimum wage increase

An 8% Increase in the Inter-Occupational Minimum Wage Announced by the Government Nothing went right in the business world of Alicanteespecially in this case farming and Tradetwo sectors higher volume of workers that until now they have been paid less than 1,080 euros per month and that this indicator will be fixed and therefore their wages will be increased. a measure aimed at To compensate for the rise in inflation with the lowest incomeshowever, it will mean a significant blow to the balance sheets of two sectors that are particularly vulnerable due to the consequences of the pandemic and uncontrollable prices. consists of raw materials and consumables. So much that they don’t hesitate support request to cope with this new increase in costs.

“We are the first to believe it. salaries should be improved so that people can live well, but We must be able to overcome the increase in costs and they won’t let us,” complains the president of Asaja Alicante, jose vincent andreu. “On the contrary, right now government pressure to lower food prices, distribution chains are tightening more than ever before. This is a contradiction,” insists the representative of the agricultural organization.

The rural sector is the sector in which the increase has the greatest direct impact, because in practice half of its employees –all-day workers and temporary workers- It is managed by SMI. As Andreu recalls, it’s an industry that already supports more than 100% increases in the cost of fertilizer, electricity and, in Alicante, water.

Several workers on a farm in the state. Alex Dominguez

In this sense, the proposal sent by the CEOE to the Government to increase the minimum wage to EUR 1,040 was negotiated. deduction plan to assist the agricultural sector to undertake this increase, as reminded by the head of the autonomous employers association CEV, Salvador NavarroSaddened that the Executive and unions decided to pursue their plans without the agreement of employers who decided not to attend Tuesday’s meeting.

“We are aware of the impact of inflation on the lowest income earners, but at the same time in three years SMI increased by 30% and companies, especially small ones, they cannot assume further increases in labor costs”He defends Navarro, who insists that uncertainty and other cost increases “make it impossible for wages to rise at the same rate as inflation” and warns of the potential consequences for job creation.

social contributions

Trade, along with agriculture, is the second sector where more workers will see their wages rise due to the increase in the minimum wage. many of their deals include categories with lower fees in the same way as Asaja to those admitted, because facepyme “If the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs really win, I will evaluate this increase positively” some form of help from administrations to bear the cost.

Likewise, small business employers remember that the increase in SMI will lead to an increase in other types of costs, such as those from social security contributions, which will increase as the minimum base increases. That’s why they “call” the administrations.supporting small and medium businesses with hired staff to deal with the situation.”

Warns of metal chain spikes

Luis Rodríguez, president of the Metals Federation (Fempa), underestimates the direct impact of the increase in SMI, which will only affect the subcategories of the metals trade. However, he warns of the medium-term consequences as these salary increases in the lower categories will then force the higher categories to adapt their wages to differentiate them from their predecessors, predicting a tough negotiation of the next deals. But above all, Rodriguez, like other organizations like Avecal, regrets that they think the Government is unwilling to engage in dialogue.

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