WSJ: On February 3, the US may announce a new aid package for Kyiv containing “smart” bombs 21:01

On Friday, February 3, the United States may announce a new military aid package to Ukraine that will include small-scale GLSDB ground-based smart bombs. newspaper reports The Wall Street Gazette with reference to sources.

The next US military aid to Ukraine, which could be announced on Friday, will include, for the first time, longer-range smart bombs.

The newspaper article says the range of this bomb is 94 miles (151.3 kilometers), which is more than any bomb the US has ever supplied to Ukraine.

The GLSDB is launched from the M270 and M142 HIMARS land missile systems. This type of weapon was created as a result of replacing a small-diameter bomb, to which a rocket engine was added.

On February 1, Bloomberg reported that the United States they are planning To supply Ukraine with $2 billion worth of long-range artillery.

Source: Gazeta


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